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September 6, 2016

Anastasija Sevastova

New York, NY, USA

C. WOZNIACKI/A. Sevastova

6-0, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How much was your ankle injury affecting your play?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: For sure it was affecting my play, but I'm not a person that likes to retire during a match, so I just tried my best.

But the movement was different. It was harder to move. And also on serve it was harder to get out of the serve. Yeah.

Q. The second time the trainer came out, what was that discussion about?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: It was a discussion like she wanted to do something else. I was asking her what she can do maybe to help me, because I don't like tapes normally on my ankle, because it's different feeling plus it's so tight, so I was just asking her. And, yeah...

Q. How tough was that just to be out there knowing that you couldn't play the tennis that you wanted to play on Ashe Stadium, night session?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: For sure it was tough, but what can I do? I tried my best. I don't like to retire, as I mentioned, but Caroline played great tennis. I think she made no mistakes. She did what she could best. She was a better player anyway. Yeah, even I think if I had no injury it would tough to beat her, yeah.

Q. How did you hurt it? Did you just twist it while...
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't know. I think I stopped on the serve. I didn't follow through. I fell over. And, yeah, I heard some sounds there, but it happened to me couple of months ago as well on clay.

So it's pretty much the same injury, same ankle, twice in six months. (Smiling.)

Q. Obviously an incredible two weeks for you and everything, but does the way it all ends kind of change what you take away from it, or is it still...
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't think it takes away. I still won two games. (Laughter.)

Yeah, it's tough to end like that, but, yeah, it's tennis. I could have played amazing but still lost. It would hurt more, I think.

But now, ankle, yeah. I have to stop and have to take time off. It was still great two weeks.

I mean, if somebody asks me like before, Would you take a quarterfinal, lose 0 and 2, or would you take a first round and lose 7-6 in the third, for sure I would take quarterfinals.

Q. How much did it mean to you getting to play three matches on Ashe? Not all quarterfinalists get to...
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't know why they put me on Ashe three times. I'm like playing more often than some other players who are like top 10. It's a great feeling. It's a great stadium. It's the biggest one. It's unbelievable.

I feel very welcomed here.

Q. Does it mean much to you to join the Last Eight Club? Do you know about that?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't know about that. I heard about that. What does it mean? Do I get something special?

Q. Last Eight Club means basically you get free credential and tickets for rest of your life.
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: Cool. Do I get also to practice alone on the court? Because before the tournament we were always sharing.

Q. Can you tell us how some things have changed in your life over the last ten days? Have you gotten new endorsements? What kind of benefits have you gotten over the last ten days?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: Not really. Latvia is a poor country. No, not really.

Q. Nothing?

Q. Have you heard from any special people that you didn't expect?

Q. Nothing?

Q. Did you get that hat recently?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: No. It's my hometown in Latvia.

Q. Kristaps is from the same...

Q. How far away did you grow up from his family?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't know his family, no. I'm not into basketball that much.

Q. But that was...
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: It's the same town. We are from the same town, yeah.

Q. Did you hear from the Olympic hockey --
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: They lost. I heard about that.

Q. Do you feel you were able to cheer them up a little bit?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't follow hockey that much actually. (Laughter.)

I mean, I heard about that. This is qualifying. But, yeah. We still won -- they still won against Austria 8-1.

Q. Did you brag to your boyfriend?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: That's what I can brag about all the time.

Q. So do you leave New York the same as when you got here, or has the last 10 days changed you a bit?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: For sure. I have more confidence in my tennis. I think on a good day I could beat good players, top players.

And, yeah, the season is long. I mean, there is still some tournaments I can play, and it's a good position to start the next year where I am now. So we'll see. I have to just keep working.

It cannot happen like this today maybe. I have to start better. But for sure I'm more confident, and I'm more happy with my tennis, yeah.

Q. Did you feel that the crowd was particularly noisy tonight, more so than your other matches on Ashe?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: Like a pro on Ashe. (Smiling.)

Q. Was it distracting at all?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: Actually tonight it was not that distracting personally for me. They were loud, yeah, for sure, but I expected that from the first match during the night against Garbiñe.

So tonight it was okay. The problem I couldn't hear the referee saying time, or chair umpire. I couldn't hear.

Q. We couldn't either.

Q. Do you know what your schedule is for the fall? You're right around where could you get seeded for the Australian Open.
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: Tokyo, not International --

Q. Little Tokyo or big Tokyo?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: I just withdraw because of my ankle. I'm playing the second one, then Wuhan and Beijing, and probably Moscow. Maybe Linz. Depends on the results from before. After Moscow, I'm done.

Q. You probably haven't had an opportunity to really, really celebrate everything that's happened this week.

Q. How do you celebrate now that you don't have to play a match for a while?
ANASTAIJA SEVASTOVA: I'm quite tired now actually. My ankle hurts. Maybe on the flight home. I don't know.

No, no idea. No. Really, maybe we will go out tonight. If we are not sleeping. But probably at home we would go somewhere for dinner or to nice drink. Yeah.

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