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September 11, 2016

Adam Scott

Carmel, Indiana

Q. I think the word is solid for your playoff performance. Three fourth place finishes and now projected at third headed to East Lake. Would you use that word? How are you feeling right now?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I played a lot of good golf the last three weeks and I'm happy with that. It's hard to win out here. It's not even -- I played solid this week, but not close to anything winning.

And then hopefully I'm saving my best for last, that would be a great way to finish the year. And starting in third, that would mean I would win the FedExCup. So that's an exciting spot for me to be in and hopefully I can take advantage of it.

Q. What would that mean right now, considering looking back on this season, you did have the wins, played some solid stretches of golf, but to hoist that trophy to put an exclamation point, how would that change 2015-2016 for you?
ADAM SCOTT: I think winning the TOUR Championship is a big deal and I've been lucky enough to win it once and to win it again would kind of cap the year off. Then, obviously, the FedExCup is a huge bonus for whoever wins it.

I feel like I would have, although I'm disappointed with my play in the Majors, I will have played a lot of good golf this year and that's the way the game goes. I'm trying to get the most out of every opportunity and that would certainly feel like I've had a very good year, if I were to win the TOUR Championship.

Q. An off week, so two weeks roughly between now and East Lake and the TOUR Championship. Rest versus work? What's the blend between now and then that makes the most sense for you?
ADAM SCOTT: I think there's definitely going to be three days of very much no golf, or no hitting balls anyway. I might just do a little putting each day. It's feeling better this week, so I want to keep that good stuff going. Then spend a couple days of some intense work at the end of this week and then take it easy leading in and save the energy for four rounds of golf, so I can leave absolutely everything on the course at East Lake.

Q. Trending in the right direction?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know. I don't know if it's trending anywhere. It's stagnant.

Q. You're going to go in like you did a few years back and have that chance to control your own fate. So that's got to be something.
ADAM SCOTT: It is good. I mean, I didn't play well today, but I've played so much good golf in three weeks, game's right there, if I can just -- its putting developed nicely the last two days, didn't hit it close enough today to really think I should have made everything, but I would like to build on that for the next week and then go to East Lake and just fill it up, just have one of those weeks. It's been six months since that happened, so I need to get out of my on way and win.

Q. Will that be the key to that practice you talked about, the putting?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think so. The swing comes back in a day. I'm sure I could go and work on range tonight and then get the feeling going and hit it good tomorrow, if I had to play. But the putting just, for me, is a bit more of a process and I need to keep that momentum going. It's good to know what have I to work on.

Q. Is there a little unfinished business from where you were in that last time, it was a really unfortunate situation.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that was unfortunate. Really, for me now, I think that I'm not in a pressure situation, but I would like to take advantage of these good positions I put myself in a bit because they're going to become fewer and fewer as the years go on and I want to try and fulfill the potential I think that I have and to win these big tournaments, like a TOUR Championship, and then obviously the FedExCup holds some prestige as well. I would like to put my names on those trophies.

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