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September 10, 2016

Chase Elliott

Richmond, Virginia

Q. Another rookie headed into the Chase. What is it like knowing that you've got a real shot at this championship?
CHASE ELLIOTT: I just think we have to first off be thankful that we were able to get in tonight after the night we had. I can't thank my guys for working as hard as they did. I've never had to go through‑‑ I'm sure they haven't, either, all the stuff we went through tonight, so hats off to them, fixing our car multiple times. I appreciate our 3M NAPA group for doing that and we're excited about these next 10. We have to go in with the mentality that we can give ourselves a chance at Homestead, and if not then we should have let the next one in.

Q. It was a strange night between speeding penalties and contact that they had to fix. How did you grind through it?
CHASE ELLIOTT: You just recognize that's about your only option, so for us we just tried to see that, I guess, and when you're in that position you really don't have a choice but to try to fix it the best that you can and move forward. Very lucky our tire cut down when it did, was able to get up against the wall and kind of get slowed down before I had a big hit. That was just luck, I guess, and how that worked out. Like I said, we'll take it, and we've got to capitalize on it now.

Q. You and Chris Buescher, both rookies in this Chase. It's the first time since Denny Hamlin was a rookie that we see one in the Chase. What does it mean to you to have that stat?
CHASE ELLIOTT: I'm very excited to be in. Congrats to Chris and their group. They had the big win at Pocono. We want to work hard to try to get to victory lane ourselves. I think we have a group that can do it and we just got to take these next few weeks and hunker down and give it our best shot.

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