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September 10, 2016

Adam Scott

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Clean scorecard. Five birdies, including a birdie, birdie finish. When you look back at your round what was working so well for you on the back nine?
ADAM SCOTT: I hit it well this week and I just stayed patient, I didn't make all my putts today, but it was getting tricky on the back nine with the wind gusting around and I just had to keep hitting solid shots and I did and eventually got rewarded the last two holes. So nice way to finish, but looks like I got plenty of work to do tomorrow, too.

Q. Indeed you do, you have to chase the lead, but what does a round like this, especially a finish like this, do for your mentality and attitude heading into the final round?
ADAM SCOTT: It was good today because I just felt a lot more solid on the greens. I didn't make them all but they were much better putts. The first two days I was really struggling from hole to hole feeling the confidence with the putter. But today was really good. I fixed my posture up and hopefully take that into tomorrow and make everything.

Q. Right now you're projected fourth in the FedExCup standings, the tournament within this championship, how important is it for you to climb up the standings as you move towards the TOUR Championship?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's helpful if you do, but certainly staying in the top-5 would be ideal and then a win sorts everything outcome East Lake. But, no, I've been trying to hang in all playoffs, so it was tough, because you can move a lot and you can move the wrong way a lot as well. So, hanging in there, a good round tomorrow will go a long way.

Q. Plenty of birdies and an eagle in the first round in a 69, second day another 69, with just one bogey, and today better still, no bogeys at all and 67. The scorecard suggests you're playing better by the day, but how do you feel?
ADAM SCOTT: I played good all three rounds, unfortunately, the first two days the putter was a bit balky here and there, an inconsistent. Those three bogeys were three 3-putts in a row, so mind-numbing stuff. But sorted an all out today, I was much more solid on the greens and finally got a couple to go in at the end, hit some good shots, it was tricky on the back nine with the wind.

Q. The round starts with six pars, you needed a spark here at 7 with quite an unusual putt.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I was tired of leaving them short in the jaw so I gave this one a rap and luckily it hit right in the back of the hole, it would have been about 10 feet by it if it didn't.

Q. Obviously the reaction is great there. You made a couple birdies on the back and another birdie at 17. You said to us a couple of weeks ago that you're trying to clear your mind when you're putting, is that still the plan?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that wasn't happening the first couple days, but sometimes it's not just the mind, there's actually something wrong, too. I think that my posture got a bit ordinary and the hands got low and the putter just wasn't swinging. And I somehow got that fixed up on the back nine yesterday and it feels a lot better. So I'll try and do that tomorrow and not think again.

Q. We can see some pretty good performances in your last half dozen starts, but then coming into the playoffs, you're really coming into your own, going well again this week. Do you feel like a win is on the agenda?
ADAM SCOTT: I'm playing well enough to win, but I need to putt better for four days straight. That's been the story of my year. Since the spring, I just haven't putted consistently well throughout a tournament. Hopefully a good day tomorrow I could sneak in the back door there, but looking forward to East Lake, obviously, and try and build on the momentum I've got.

Q. So solid, bogey-free, just some general thoughts on your round today.
ADAM SCOTT: It was a good solid stuff. A lot of good shots again, it's been the story of the week, I've hit the ball great I feel like anyway and I was solid with the putter today. The greens were a little slower, took me six or seven holes to get the hang of that and then finally the pace got a bit better and hung in there all back nine and hit two good shots into 17 and 18 and made them. So I feel good about that.

Q. How important was that, just those last moments on 17 and 18? This round's going to taste a lot better with those two going down?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, at least I go to bed thinking I might have a chance of a magical round tomorrow and you never know, get a win here at the BMW Championship. Without them, I'm just trying to have the best result I can and it's always much nicer feeling thinking that you're trying to win, because that's what I'm setting out to do.

Q. This golf course, every day, has played so different. Tomorrow we're going to have sunshine, hopefully some dry conditions overnight, how hard has the adjustment, especially in green speed, been day-to-day?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, took a few holes today, but the greens condition held up well, it was just the pace that changed. Obviously, it was a little sloppy under foot today, and the ball was stopping where it was landing, so if you had it under control, you could get into some pins. Hopefully, it drys up a little bit and challenges a little more tomorrow and that will play into my favor with the ball striking.

Q. How important is it to stay in the top-5?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't actually know, but obviously we all know what happens if you do stay in the top-5 and you win East Lake, nothing can stop you from winning the FedExCup. You would be pretty unlucky if you were sixth and won East Lake and didn't win the FedExCup, but it's possible. So if you rule out one variable, that's a good thing. I would like to stay in the top-5 and good play takes care of that and that's all I have to think about.

Q. It's interesting that you have a chance at this tournament, but also a mini battle potentially with Jordan and Rory, to make sure that you're not that one guy who is out of the top-5.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's quite close, I think, with the three of us and then there's quite a drop off. It's hard. It changes hole to hole and it's impossible to think of when you're playing. For me, at least birdieing the last two holes today let's me go to bed thinking I might have a chance to win a golf tournament with a great round tomorrow and that feels a lot better than thinking that I have no chance and I would just look the best finish possible.

Q. Say you do have a big round on the front nine or whatever tomorrow, if you're still seven back at that point though, will you start to focus on looking at those other projects or will you just try to -- it might be a different motivation than it normally would be?
ADAM SCOTT: No, because I don't know what they're doing out there, I don't watch leaderboards, unless I'm coming down the stretch and need to know what's happening. So, you can't think about it, it's too much. I think it's even harder -- it's harder not to think about it at the TOUR Championship, because that is it, that's the end of it and you get off to a quick start at the TOUR Championship, and it shows you winning the FedExCup it's a lot to play with all week. So you can't worry about it, you just got to play the tournament and if you play good it takes care of itself.

Q. Are you going to be a rules official in your next life? You seemed quite happy to get in there.
ADAM SCOTT: I was quite happy, because Rory was adamant that he was correct and I was not sure, he was starting to sway my thinking, but I was sure I was right. And I told Jordan after the round, "Rory doesn't know anything. He has to come and ask me." Why would you ask a kid?

Q. Were you disappointed that he was questioning the wisdom of a wily veteran?
ADAM SCOTT: I think that, it just shows a general lack of respect for the older guys that the young guys have.


Q. Was the course more gettable with the conditions today as a whole?
ADAM SCOTT: I think probably the gusty wind evened out. I think it probably played maybe a shot or two harder than the first two days maybe. I think that the winds were tricky, there was some crosswinds. I got a couple wrong and managed to scramble, so I think everyone was dealing with that. Even though it was soft and you could get, you had to hit a good shot to keep it on your line in this strong wind. And it was even affecting putts, too, so I think it played a couple shots harder.

Q. You had the two wins earlier and you obviously have been playing well in the post-season here, how would you view it overall?
ADAM SCOTT: Good. Yeah. It's such a long thing to get into it all, but, yeah, you summed it up. Obviously I'm disappointed I didn't win a Major this year and I started so well and I didn't carry that momentum through the year, but it's difficult to do and something I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. I'm trying to make the most of playing great this year. I've hit the ball really well and through the summer and that Major season, the Masters not so much, but the others, just didn't putt good enough. Middle of the pack kind of stuff.

Q. Can you elevate this almost to the level of a Major, since you haven't won one, and say, well at least I can consider this to be a very important finish to this year?
ADAM SCOTT: That's what I'm doing. I'm trying to get the most out of it I can. If I'm out here, that's what I want to do. I've been patient not to get frustrated that I'm hitting it very well and not putting the way I would have liked through that period and I'm still hitting it well. I haven't lost it with myself and I've stayed patient. And over the last three weeks there's been good signs with the putting and I think that the last nine yesterday and the round today felt the best it has since probably the spring, even though the stats may not show that, but it just was much more solid strikes of putts, even the ones that didn't go in, and that was starting to vary at certain times over the last month.

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