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June 24, 2000

Nancy Scranton


DEBBIE EARECKSON: Why don't you start by going over your score card.

NANCY SCRANTON: I hit a driver on 1, it was like 40 yards behind Karrie. I hit a 6-iron about eight feet and made that. And then I had birdie putts on the next few holes. No. 5, I hit it about 15 feet just left of the pin and just made that. I hit 6-iron. And then parred everything until 11. No. 11, hit sand wedge to about a foot and just tapped that in. Then on No. 16, hit my L-wedge to about four feet and made that. That was it. No bogeys. It was nice.

DEBBIE EARECKSON: Any other comments about your round?

NANCY SCRANTON: I drove it really well. Not necessarily that long, but I hit it where I had to hit it in the fairway. You can't get away with missing the fairways here this week. Only missed two greens; so that was really good. I had a lot of birdie chances today. Didn't miss anything really short, but it's not like I made anything long, either. But that's great. These greens are tricky, and you have to be really careful to not get too aggressive.

Q. Are you a scoreboard watcher? What were your thoughts as you saw the numbers going up and down?

NANCY SCRANTON: I watched some, and especially Saturday, it doesn't really make that much difference. It was just interesting to see what was going on. I know Wendy is having a good day, and Juli turned it on, as she does on this golf course. It was interesting to watch. There were some good rounds going on out there, but it's easy to make a mistake if you're not careful out there.

Q. After contending here last year and winning earlier this year, how fulfilling is that after all you've been through?

NANCY SCRANTON: It's really exciting, because I played well early this year, and I wasn't swinging at it quite as well later. And now I'm starting to swing at it better than I was at the beginning of the year; so I feel like I'm swinging at it like I was last summer when I was playing well -- consistently, anyway. So I'm really excited about it, because I love this golf course. I always have. You really have to think out here. And I think one thing that's good for me here is I don't get ahead of myself on this golf course, thinking that I have a couple birdies holes left, because you have to pay attention on each shot. And maybe I'm doing that better than I have been the last month or so. Maybe that's the difference.

Q. Are you thinking a lot about the Solheim Cup?

NANCY SCRANTON: Since I get asked every day ... I mean, I'm trying not to focus on it every day because I can't control how everybody else plays. Unfortunately, you know, it is there. I think earlier in the year, I was maybe trying too hard and I think I've settled down a little bit. If I play like I was playing, I should qualify and if I don't, that's the way it is. It would be nice to be able to do it. That was the goal, to be able to think about it that way.

Q. You talked about not getting ahead of yourself on this course. Mentally, do you have to be really relaxed? Is that something you've learned with this course?

NANCY SCRANTON: I think so. I've played here so many times. Especially here the greens seem to be thicker than normal and the rough is thicker and longer than normal. It's just that you have to be very patient. And if you hit it in the rough, you're more than likely going to make a bogey, and just take it. You know, there are chances to make some birdies out here, but you just have to, you know, really focus on the task at hand.

DEBBIE EARECKSON: Large galleries today following you?

NANCY SCRANTON: It was quite a few people -- oh, I thought they were there for me. (Laughing.) Teasing, sorry. No, there were quite a few people. I always feel very well supported here. And they are such good galleries here, very knowledgeable and big. They always have a big crowd here.

Q. Can you talk about approaching tomorrow, just the same way relaxed, not worry about what everyone else is doing?

NANCY SCRANTON: I'd like to have the same frame of mind as I did today. I was very calm and very focused on my task, like I said. You know, I hit it -- there were some tight pins on the right side of the greens, and I've got some long irons coming in. I'm trying to make sure I keep it not short-sided and try to hit in the middle of the green and go after pins when I feel comfortable with it. So if I can do that, it would be great. Like I said, you can't control what everybody else is doing, but if I play as well as I did today, I've got a good chance.

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