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September 8, 2016

Jason Kokrak

Carmel, Indiana

Q. A couple of Top-10s in a row, kind of trending in that direction again. Good stuff.
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, came into the week with a lot of confidence. The playoffs, there's a lot of points available, so I got to stay patient on a tough golf course. Obviously, there was a 7-under, 6-under out there. So with the rain you can definitely be a little bit more aggressive. I felt like it was a little inconsistent after the rain. Some of the greens were firm, but some of them were spinning and some weren't. But overall, good day.

Q. So you're inside for East Lake right now. Obviously that's something that's on your radar.
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, it's on the radar, but I have to play well the rest of the week to do so. There's 54 more holes to go, so I'll stay patient. I'm hitting the ball really well, if I can drive it a little better, I didn't drive it all that great today. I made a couple of putts. But I switched back to an old putter of mine and have been rolling it well the last three, four weeks, so looking forward to the rest of the next couple days. Hopefully the rain stays away.

Q. Are you a leaderboard watcher in terms of the projections?
JASON KOKRAK: I like to know. I mean, I'm the type that I can definitely turn it on. I'm one of those guys that, if I'm outside or I need to make a couple birdies, well, the mindset just automatically switches.

Q. So you'll take the aggressive line if you need to.
JASON KOKRAK: Absolutely. Coming down the stretch, I got nothing to lose. It's the playoffs. So, if I hit it in the water or do something stupid, but, I mean, if you don't play well, you don't go on to the next week, so.

Q. What putter did you switch to?
JASON KOKRAK: It was one that I used early on in my career, not early on in my career, but a few years ago, and then I used it beginning of this year. Switched to a different one. I putted well, but not bad. But it's an old Scotty Cameron of mine that I feel just, it feels comfortable in my hands and the ball's coming off with the speed that I want it to. So it's just everything matches up, it's just mentally better for me.

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