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September 4, 2016

Alena Sharp

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Q. Wasn't quite the finish you wanted. I think you bogeyed 16 and 17. But overall your thoughts on today's round?
ALENA SHARP: I had it going. I played much better today than yesterday. Yesterday was a grind. I shot 70 the last three days, and this day was a lot easier. I hit 15 greens today and a couple of 3-putts coming in always kind of Leafs a sour taste in your mouth, but making that sand save on the last hole makes me Wacha way with a smile on my face and know that I gave my best and another good week, and now I get to rest and get ready for the next major.

Q. And how much time do you have off? I guess a week?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah. We're flying next Sunday to Evian. So six days.

Q. So what are you going to do for that week? Put your feet up a bit?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah. I won't touch a club until probably Friday. Driving to Phoenix, so it's going to take a couple of days to do that, but it'll be nice to be home and sleep in my own bed and enjoy and celebrate with some friends that I haven't seen since before Rio, so we're going to have a party on Friday night and just really celebrate the summer and the Olympics.

Q. You're feeling good about your game as you go to Evian, the next major?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, and it's a tough golf course. There's a lot of uneven lies. The greens are tricky, so the way I'm hitting it right now, I really like how I feel going into it as in past years, I've really not dreaded going there because it's such a beautiful place. But it's a tough golf course. You gotta play well on uneven lies, and I wasn't hitting the ball well last year, but this year different story, so I'm looking forward to going there.

Q. And I just wanted to ask you about the 13th tee after you teed off today, there was a baby. Did you know those people?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, that's my sister. That's my nephew, yeah. He's so cute.

Q. He certainly is.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah. He was sleeping, and I guess I woke him up. But he's just a smiley baby, and I saw him on 14 tee and he was smiling and laughing at us, so it was just, you know, a little perspective.

Q. Given the last three weeks, is your confidence like at an all-time high right now?
ALENA SHARP: It's probably the highest it's ever been. Can't think back to when I was a junior because I know I was confident back then. But definitely in my pro career this is the most confident I've felt about my game and just how I'm looking at golf in general.

Q. And the golf shoes, are those the ones you wore in Rio?

Q. Are you going to wear them for the rest of the season?
ALENA SHARP: I always put Canadian flags on them, so no, I'm going to break out a new pair next week. But yeah.

Q. Low Canadian for two weeks, what does that mean to you?
ALENA SHARP: I didn't even know. Obviously it's an honor to be the low Canadian, and my hard work is paying off, so it's nice to see the results coming in.

Q. Hoping one day to say low low without the Canadian part.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah. That would be great. I think before last week I said my goal, you know, for the rest of this year was to try and be in the top 60 in the world, and I crushed it last week, and I still have seven more events to go. So maybe top 40 would be the next goal to set before the end of the year.

Q. Given the seasons that you and Brooke have had, the Olympics, the attendance at events like this and Calgary, where do you think Canadian women's golf is headed?
ALENA SHARP: Well, it seems like Canadian women's golf is heading in the right direction. We have a lot of great young players coming up, and Golf Canada has been working hard getting these players developed, and they have everything -- you know, really, they have great coaching, great nutritionists, they have great physio and workout, and it's starting to show, I think. I think five years from now we're going to have a lot of top players in the world and not just three of us this year, I think we're going to keep adding to it. And it's great to see. I want more Canadians out here.

Q. After the Olympics and two events in Canada, is there a weight off your shoulders right now? Do you feel a sense of relief that maybe the pressure is off right now?
ALENA SHARP: I feel like right now just coming off the green, yeah, I feel like, okay, now I can relax for a week and enjoy my family tonight and get on the road tomorrow, drive, think about it for two days while we're driving. But yeah, I do feel like now I can rest and really enjoy these last three weeks, because I didn't really get to enjoy last week that much because you get here and you want to stay focused. So now I'm just going to enjoy playing well these last three weeks for sure.

Q. Since you're driving, does that mean you're taking your dogs with you?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah. They're tour pups. They're going to be with us. They hate it as much as we do. (Laughs).

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