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September 3, 2016

Lizette Salas

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Q. Just one bogey but everything else was pretty clean out there. How did you feel about it today?
LIZETTE SALAS: I felt great. I just knew Saturday was going to be moving day, and I left a few putts out on Thursday and Friday, so just really tried to focus on my putting lines and just try to not panic. I think that's what helps me on 16 where I bogey three-putted, and then I bounced back with a birdie. But I kept things very simple out there. You know, I think I was just super confident on the greens, and just I know my game's in a good place right now, and just stay calm and focused and I think it might be a good day tomorrow.

Q. When you do have a chance to play on the weekend and get to moving day, do you think about every Saturday the same, like all right, it's time to make my move?
LIZETTE SALAS: Well, I knew this week, especially this tournament, it's just a birdie fest, and if I could just play the par-5s to my advantage. I'm not a long player, so I need to hit the right number and hit it close, so that's what I really tried to focus on today. And the par-3s were my friend today, and hopefully the other holes will be my friend tomorrow. Just trying to stay as positive as possible.

Q. Stick to the same game plan tomorrow do you think?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah. Same game plan. Just play with no expectations. I learned that in college, and it just seems to help. It seems to not put so much pressure on myself. I just -- I knew coming into this week I just had to play some good solid golf and the way that I know how to play it, and I think that's what I did today.

Q. It seems like there's a lot of women still in contention for this tournament right now, which is going to make for an interesting Sunday. With an are you expecting tomorrow?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah. I knew being at minus 10 was not going to cut it. Just the par-5s are pretty fair. The pin locations were pretty fair today. So I know I'm going to be a couple of shots back going into tomorrow, but you just never know what's going to happen. You never know what the wind's going to be doing tomorrow, and with these pin locations, you just gotta play your own game.

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