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September 1, 2016

Brittany Lincicome

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Q. You started off pretty hot this morning.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I did. It was different. You know, I haven't been making that many birdies lately, so to go out there and play on the front nine the way I did was pretty incredible. I was knocking it close and making the putts, which is obviously really fun. I had such a great group. We were just so relaxed out there. We were just having a good time and taking advantage of the holes and we made birdie. And the back nine, just maybe got a little tired, got a little tight. Knew I was doing really well, just haven't been playing very well. So I think the nerves kind of got to me a little bit. But overall, I mean it was a bummer to bogey the last hole, but it's still nice to be near the top of the leaderboard.

Q. All three of you played well. Do you kind of like feed off that when you have a good group?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, it was different. I didn't know that we all shot 68 today until I just got done. And every hole that I made a birdie, I feel like we all three made birdies on the same holes. Like four times today we all made birdie on the same hole, which is really different. You know, that normally doesn't happen. So it was nice to kind of feed off each other and make a few putts.

Q. What about the conditions today? A little bit windy?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: A little bit windy. I think it's going to die down for the next couple of days, which will be nice. But my caddy always says you play good in bad weather. So maybe we need the wind to stick around.

Q. And how are you feeling about your game?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. The year has just been very average. Nothing really exciting has happened. We have a couple of events left. So it would be nice to get a couple of Top 10s, top 5s, maybe a win before the year is over and just kind of put this year behind me and move on.

Q. And then just off to the driving range, a little bit of putting and then take it easy?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Oh, heck no. No way. I'm going inside, have some lunch and probably go home and take a nap.

Q. What did you see in your game today that you liked? You got it going on the front, like you said, but you must have found not a different gear, but you found something that kind of worked for you.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. I was hitting it close, which helps. But then even when I didn't hit it close and I had a lengthy putt I was making the putts, which is something that hasn't happened all year. I actually changed putters last week. One of the airlines lost my suitcase and golf clubs, so I had to just borrow some clubs at the beginning of the week, and I found a different putter and kind of said, what the heck, why not put it in the bag, and it seems to be working the last two weeks so far.

Q. Frustrated it didn't work on 18 there, though. You had that five feet. You wanted that one real bad; right?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I know. That would have been nice to obviously go home and relax a little bit on saving a par, but I made a great save on 17. Can't make them all, unfortunately, but still pretty good.

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