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August 28, 2016

Sean O'Hair

Farmingdale, New York

Q. You came into this tournament 108 in FedExCup rankings and I know your immediate goal was to qualify for Deutsche Bank. You took care of that and much more today?
SEAN O'HAIR: Yeah, that was really the main goal this week was just to survive and get into next week. I really felt like I played well the first two days. Yesterday was a little disappointing but I felt like I still played well. It was nice to see some nice results today.

I struck the ball this way all week, and I just was a little more confident on the greens today.

Q. You found seven birdies out there.
SEAN O'HAIR: Yeah, not a golf course that you would think seven birdies are out there in one round of golf. I hit fairways and I hit some greens. Like I said, I felt really good with the putter in my hand today. Was seeing my lines and felt like my speed control was pretty good.

Q. You hit 12 of 13 fairways, so important on this golf course. Was there any mechanical adjustment with the putting stroke?
SEAN O'HAIR: No. Just felt like I was just a little bit more patient. Yesterday I was a little bit tentative with the speed. The greens were kind of getting a little baked out, and from one green to the next, I felt like they were varying speeds. You would have a slow green and then you would have a really fast green. I was getting a little tentative out there. I was telling myself, I don't care if I blow it by ten feet, I'm just going to be aggressive on the greens today.

Q. 8-under par, do you have any hopes? Stick around and see how it plays out?
SEAN O'HAIR: Sure. I'd love to get in a playoff. That would be fantastic. Obviously Rickie is on his game right now, so I doubt that's going to happen, but I'll stick around just in case.

Q. What are some hole locations coming home we should be looking forward to?
SEAN O'HAIR: I think the finish is tough. The par 3, what is that, 14; 15 obviously is a tough driving hole. If you can get it in the fairway, it's a very scorable hole with where that pin location is, especially with that bowl effect.

16, 17 and 18 are playing pretty tough, so you know, it's a tough finish.

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