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August 27, 2016

Sania Mirza

Monica Niculescu

New Haven, Connecticut


7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is this the first time you two have played together?
SANIA MIRZA: Second time.


SANIA MIRZA: We played Cincinnati. Maybe four or five years ago.

MONICA NICULESCU: Yes. We did quarterfinal.

SANIA MIRZA: Like five years ago maybe.

Q. Having not played together for so long, only one time previous, how tough was it to bond out there?
SANIA MIRZA: I mean, I think we get along off the court. I think that's important in doubles. We know each other for a long time. Also our games kind of suit each other, so you have that confidence. I think it helped we got a couple first easy matches in terms of the way we played. We kind of found our rhythm almost immediately.

I mean, it's not that complicated. I hit the ball big from the back, she moves around the net. Yeah, that's how I felt. We got better as the tournament kept going.

You can say how you felt.

MONICA NICULESCU: Sania is hitting very hard at the baseline. I can be at the net and help her out. Also the same, I think we did a good job. We played better and better every match, right?



Q. How did you decide to play together this week? Sania, you played with Martina for a long time. That's over now.
MONICA NICULESCU: I asked Sania in Cincinnati. I had an idea maybe she wants to play here. I ask her. When she said yes, I was so excited. It seems we won the tournament, so I'm happy I ask her.

Q. Sania, did that partnership run its course?
SANIA MIRZA: Yeah. I mean, I think it's something you just have to move on sometimes. We achieved incredible things together. We have to take that from that partnership and move on.

Sometimes it's just time. That's it. We both decided. We both felt the same way. That's really it. I mean, I know people expected more of a dramatic reply from us as to what actually happened. It was not really like that at all. We just had a conversation and we felt maybe that sometimes you need to go away.

Doubles is like a relationship. Sometimes it's too much and you have to take a break. Maybe it will click with other people, maybe not. That's it.

It was really like that. I mean, it was an honor to achieve everything I did with Martina. We did some things that never have been done in history and some things that were done by very few people in the history of women's doubles. Obviously we feel very excited for that.

I think we have to move on, both of us, and look ahead for good things.

I mean, obviously last week we played each other in Cincinnati. It was difficult for both of us. But having said that, the best place you can meet is in the final. We did that. I have a new partner. She has a new partner. We're going to focus on that.

Q. Are you still friendly with each other?
SANIA MIRZA: Of course. It's not like a real relationship (laughter). Kidding.

Q. Are you going to play again?
SANIA MIRZA: The plan right now is to play, yeah, Singapore if all goes well, to try and defend our title. There's not a lot of tournaments left. It's just US Open, Wuhan, Beijing. It's just about three weeks.

Q. You said you've been here a number of times. What do you like about this tournament?
SANIA MIRZA: Like I said in my speech, it's nice and calm here. We go to New York. There's so much happening there. We stay in the city.

It's always nice to have the week before a Grand Slam where you're able to ease up. You have nice restaurants. Even though we're in the city, you feel quite quiet around here. I was actually not planning on completely playing this week. When Monica asked me, I thought we could obviously win together.

I actually replied to her the next day that I had to think about it because I was already in the final of Cincinnati and I wasn't feeling the best already. I have a bit of a throat going.

Then I told her, and I'm glad we made the decision to play together. It was a lot of fun. We have a lot of fun on the court.

MONICA NICULESCU: Good preparation for US Open, I think. Many matches.

SANIA MIRZA: For me it's nice and soothing to come here. I've come here since 2005 maybe, many years.

Q. Are you going to play at the US Open?
SANIA MIRZA: I play with Strycova.

MONICA NICULESCU: I play with Vania King. That's why I said in my speech I hope it's not the last time we going to play together.

It was fun. Thank you.

Q. What was it like playing with her?
MONICA NICULESCU: So good. She has many ideas. She knows doubles very good. She plays amazing. She hits very hard. She taught me a lot this week. Thank you.

SANIA MIRZA: You should ask her this question when I'm not here. It's so embarrassing.

MONICA NICULESCU: I mean, yeah, she sees very good doubles. She's very calming. She knows certain situations. It help me so much. Yeah, we won the tournament, so I'm so happy.

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