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August 27, 2016

Brooke Henderson

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Q. Back-to-back 68s. Maybe talk a little bit about your round today.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I felt way better today, and I think feeling the energy from my massive crowds has definitely really helped that. Through bad shots and good shots, they're supporting me and giving me a little bit of extra energy and positive vibes. That's really helped me the last two days.

Q. You said you felt better today. Does that mean you weren't feeling very good yesterday?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, I've had some up and downs the last couple of weeks, and today definitely felt a lot better than I have. I felt like I go really low today and get a good score, and I was able to make a few birdies late to make a 4-under round.

Q. So 68 is pretty good, but you thought you could have gone lower, right?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah. Starting out the day, I started with two birdies right away, was 2-under through the first couple and felt like I had some momentum. I just didn't really capitalize, but I was able to on 16 and 17 make two really big putts. That kind of energized me, energized the crowd, and made it a lot more fun.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about this golf course and the speed of the greens?
BROOKE HENDERSON: They're very fast. The rain the other night definitely really helped, but they're firm and fast, and you've really got to be careful where you're putting the ball in your second shots to give yourself hopefully an easy uphill putt.

Q. What do these crowds mean to you?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, it's amazing. A couple times I kind of had to pinch myself, and they're all here just for me, just to see me play. It's really surreal.

Q. So you go into the final round, we don't know how many you're going to be back, but you're going to be back a few. Do you have a number in mind that you've got to shoot tomorrow? What's your strategy?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I mean, the leaders, they're up front. If it's still Mae, she's playing awesome. Hopefully she'll keep it going. But I'm hoping to get a top 10 tomorrow, so that's going to take -- I shot 4-under today and really didn't move up the leaderboard that much. Hopefully get a little bit deeper under par tomorrow and see what happens.

Q. Can you describe I guess this learning process with that feeling that everyone is here to see you, how you've kind of maybe gotten accustomed to it, especially when you play in Canada?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. Last year -- well, ever since I was 14 and playing in the Canadian Open, I've had really big crowds. I've kind of felt that support from home. But last year coming off a win in Portland, my first LPGA Tour victory, things were kind of to a new level. People were lining the fairways at 8:00 in the morning to see me, and that's kind of the way it is this year. Probably the biggest crowds that I've ever played in front of and definitely the most in favor for me. It's definitely a lot of fun to play in front of, and I've been really enjoying it.

Q. What do you think of this final hole coming up here, seeing all the fans?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, in the practice rounds and in the pro-am, I was just talking about how amazing CP set it up this year and Golf Canada. They did an awesome job for the final hole. I'm excited for tomorrow, the final day, and hopefully closer to the final groups, and there will be some big crowds out there, I think.

Q. How are you feeling coming back from Rio? Is there jet lag in there or are you tired?
BROOKE HENDERSON: No, not really. It was a 15 hours on a plane, but it was only a three-hour time change, which is nothing compared to some of the things we do on the LPGA. I definitely enjoyed my time down in Rio, and I learned a lot, which was really good coming into this week. You know, I think the energy and momentum has just kind of bled into this week with a lot of the players that played down there.

Q. Alena is having a really nice round. If you can't win, it would be nice to see her have a nice maybe top-three finish tomorrow.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. She's had an awesome year so far, and we're really good friends, so we'll be battling it out tomorrow to see what happens, but she's playing awesome.

Q. You're pretty aggressive by nature. Just with sort of the pressure off tomorrow maybe a little bit, how many flags do you fire at tomorrow?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, sometimes the pins are a little bit tougher on Sundays, but hopefully I'll get a good strategy together, and the ones that I think I can chase after, I probably will and try and make a few more birdies.

Q. What's your off-course experience been like this week in Calgary? Is it getting harder for you to fly under the radar when you're not wearing the Ping visor?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I mean, it's definitely very busy, but I love the attention from all the fans, and it just takes some getting used to and managing my time a little bit better, but like I said, it's so much fun to play in front of them, and to have this lineup right here for autographs and pictures is pretty cool.

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