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August 26, 2016

Johanna Larsson

New Haven, Connecticut


6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your overall impressions of this week? You pretty pleased with what you got out of it?
JOHANNA LARSSON: Yeah, definitely. Actually, before the first round of quallie, I had a chat with Flipkens during lunch. She told me it's unbelievable, you play three matches even to get into the main draw here. It's so tough.

I said, Yeah, maybe this week is all about the matches, to get as many matches as you can before the Open.

Looking back on that lunch, I think I succeeded pretty well. Of course, I'm very disappointed about today, but overall it's a good week.

Q. What enabled you to go on the run after qualifying?
JOHANNA LARSSON: You know, as I got in as a lucky loser, it was like a second chance. I played a really well match against Timea to start with. After that, it just kept going.

Today I was maybe a little bit more tired than my opponent. I think maybe I had one or two chances, especially in the first set with a breakpoint back to 5-All, but didn't make that. If you don't, it kind of slips away.

Yeah, it was a good match today and a good week.

Q. The way Svitolina is playing, how do you assess her chances at taking the championship?
JOHANNA LARSSON: Good, of course. I think she's a great player. It's the first time I played her ever. I thought she's playing quite flat and very low over the net. It was tough for me, I want to use the spin, to get a grip on the ball seeing as she's playing so flat and low all the time.

I think she definitely has a good chance for the final tomorrow. So let's see.

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