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August 26, 2016

Ricky Barnes

Farmingdale, New York

Q. What did you think of your round today compared to yesterday? Less wind this morning?
RICKY BARNES: It blew hard yesterday to tell you the truth. I wasn't that comfortable yesterday just hitting the ball. So I was pretty happy. Felt like I should have shot even. Had a bad bogey at the end, No. 9 yesterday, but came back today, really struck it well. Got off to a good start birdieing I think 1,2 and 7.

Q. Do you and Robert ever compare notes on a week like this?
RICKY BARNES: I think if we were playing together, yeah. But if you're not on the side of the draw -- I think he's on the other side of the draw, so you don't really run into -- if we did, we would talk and laugh, maybe reminisce. But hopefully maybe late Sunday here, we'll do it again.

Q. Did you and Scott feed off each other a little bit?
RICKY BARNES: It helps seeing some balls going into the hole. He made some long putts and I had a chip-in. Seeing putts go in the hole obviously helps and especially when you're doing it yourself.

Q. What hole did you chip-in on?

Q. How will you feel being in one of the later groups?
RICKY BARNES: Good. It's always a good thing when you have a late tee time Saturday and Sunday. Pretty satisfied after the first two rounds after a week off.

Q. 4-under today in the second round, difference in the winds from yesterday afternoon?
RICKY BARNES: It played a lot tougher and I hit it better today, so a good combination. Yesterday was tough and kind of a survival of the fittest when I didn't really have much to play with.

Today I felt like I had something to play with and took advantage of it, even with the bogey on the last, 4-under.

Q. But this golf course, you're familiar with it, you had a nice run in 2009 here. Talk about your comfortability on this golf course, if you can be comfortable.
RICKY BARNES: I'm fortunate. I qualified as an amateur in 2002, played it in 2009, 2012 and so I've probably played it as much as any player that has, making the cut in three of the four.

So sight lines, where to be; a few pins you can miss it on and get it up-and-down, which I did today. Early on missed it in, I wouldn't say a few easy spots, but the places you can get up-and-down from and I took advantage of it. Hence, the score.

I always enjoy the USGA events and courses, courses that translate, the Oakmonts, the Bethpages, the Pebbles, those kind of golf courses. There's something to the eye. I played in 2002, 2012, 2009, probably as much as anyone. I don't think we're guessing a lot on the tee how much you can bite off or what the line is. And then I've kind of trusted my iron play. And if you can get distance control out here -- there's birdieable pins. You can be aggressive with some putts if you're on certain sides of the hole. So it's not once you get on the green, you're playing five, six feet of break.

Q. Did you kind of come in with a good feeling at the start of the week just because of that success?
RICKY BARNES: More so how I've been playing the past month. 2009 was probably more of a fluke than anything. I was playing okay and kind of started here, started to play well and transitioned into eight Top-10s the next 12 months after.

In the last month, I've played really well. I have two top 5s, a couple chances to win in the past month and I wanted to carry it over here. Glad I took a week off, especially with some heat coming today and tomorrow. I do enjoy this course. Looking forward to the weekend.

Q. With the Playoffs, getting to the weekend is one thing, and then on the weekend, does it change tomorrow morning for you?
RICKY BARNES: On a course like this, you're playing a monster. You're playing a big golf course. Like you said, it's not really until maybe a back nine on Sunday does anything change. Keep doing what I'm doing, hit fairways today is what you've got to do. You can score from the fairways if you're hitting it -- especially in the afternoons. The ball runs out. We actually had a few lesser clubs than it seems like we did yesterday and the practice rounds.

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