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August 26, 2016

Brooke Henderson

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Q. 4-under round today. Brooke, what was the key to turning it around after that first round?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, even today I didn't start out that hot. A couple pars, and then I started to make some birdies, and my crowd kind of grew. I had massive crowds today and it was so much fun to play in front of them. I kind of felt their energy, and I got it to minus-6 at one point today and was feeling pretty good.

Unfortunately, I had a couple of mistakes coming in and finished at minus-4, but I just really enjoyed today. It was a lot of fun.

Q. With the double bogey, what happened on that and how do you rebound from that going forward for the weekend?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, I really didn't miss that tee shot by too much. Maybe took a little too aggressive line than what I needed to at that point. But, you know, after hitting it where I did, I didn't have much of a shot, so it kind of just led to the double. But I gave myself two really good shots on No. 9 to kind of rebound and easy two-putt. Not easy two-putt, but I was able to make par on No. 9 and that kind of settled me down a little bit.

So going into tomorrow I was excited and hopefully I'll make two quick birdies and make up for the double.

Q. Make it easier tomorrow knowing you've only got to do 18. Don't have to come back out early, play a couple holes and then quick turnaround to 18 more?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it was a really early, early wake-up call this morning. So I'm excited to go back home and rest a little bit tonight. Hopefully I'll have a later tee time, just depending on where I sit. So, yeah, it was a lot of fun today playing 21 holes. I haven't done that in a little while. So it was fun, and just looking forward to playing tomorrow.

Q. Game plan going into the weekend?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Just keep doing what I'm doing. I did a lot of really good things today, which was really exciting. There's been times at the Olympics and now today that I was very close to having a really special round and kind of I got those good feelings again that I haven't had in a little while. So it's always great, and hopefully I'll climb up the leaderboard and hopefully get a Top 10.

Q. Last one, crowd support and being the face of this event, what's that mean to you that all these people are out watching you and supporting you?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, coming in here on Monday I saw my giant picture of me on the first hole and that was like, whoa, this is pretty cool. And I was just thinking about it while I was hitting balls on the range, it's kind of surreal. The fans and the crowds that I had today were amazing. I'm hoping that over the weekend that it will just continue to grow, and hopefully I'll just feed off their energy and give them a good show.

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