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August 25, 2016

Martin Laird

Farmingdale, New York

Q. How do you think it played compared to the U.S. Open?
MARTIN LAIRD: The U.S. Open was totally different. It was really wet and the course played longer. It was easier to hit fairways because the ball would just splat. But the course played so long that if you did miss the fairway, you couldn't get to the green.

Whereas today, two or three times, I missed the fairway and I had maybe 180 yards to the front and I could still get it up there around the green. Whereas the U.S. Open, that wasn't the case.

But the last time Barclays was here, I played then, and the course is playing similar to then. It was good weather that week, too, and the course got firm. It's already fast in the fairways. So the course is in great shape. The wind picking up today obviously is going to dry it out a little so it will just get firmer.

Q. After a great result in Greensboro, must be pleasing --
MARTIN LAIRD: I wouldn't say a great result last week. I played solid last week. I actually struggled driving the ball last week but I got it sorted on Sunday and drove the ball great. Worked with my coach Saturday after I played over there last week and we got it sorted, and that was big. Because I didn't want to come here not driving the ball very well, because I wouldn't be standing here right now talking to you if that was the case.

So we got it sorted and I drove the ball really pretty well in the wind today. I didn't hit that many fairways, but I really hit a lot of good tee shots, which left me in good spots. That's obviously a key around here.

Q. How tough was the wind to play through?
MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, when it started off, it was reasonably windy, not that strong. It's hard to go from, say, playing half a club of wind to all of a sudden playing almost two clubs of wind. It definitely picked up on the back nine.

No. 10 was the first hole where I kind of thought I hit a good shot and it went about ten, 15 yards further than I thought it would, and that's when my caddie and I said we have to change our little adjustments for our wind here. It's picking up.

It's kind of fun. I hit a 7-iron from 130 yards today and stuff like that. It's kind of fun to play shots like that. This course gives you some nice little holes, like little par 3, 15, on the back. It's a tricky hole, even though it's only 140 yards or whatever it's playing today. You get a chance to hit some little shots like that.

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