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August 25, 2016

Jason Day

Farmingdale, New York

Q. When you hit it squirrelly, you were able to get your short game going.
JASON DAY: Yeah, it was just a little bit I think more so rust, a bit of mental rust than physical rust, as well. I shouldn't say rust; it's more the sharpness wasn't quite there when you're about two or three tournaments in.

Overall, I felt great about how I felt like I played. Did a lot of good quality things out there, and hopefully I can just keep pushing that from the second to fourth round now.

Q. When you talk about sharpness not being there, you still come away with a 68, that has to buoy you a little bit moving forward.
JASON DAY: Yeah, just it's more so with the driver. I just kind of, a little bit wide with the driver. But for the most part, the irons and the touch was on point. But we've got a lot of rounds left.

Especially around this golf course, it's a U.S. Open-style track and the conditions are phenomenal. The greens staff have done a tremendous job with the golf course. And if we miss this storm that's going to come tomorrow, it's going to make it very, very difficult for the rest of the week and firm it out. If that happens, single digits most likely will win.

Q. Your first go-around around here, what do you make of this place? You talked earlier about it being more of a walk than you expected.
JASON DAY: It is a bit of a walk. I like the layout. I like how everything looks from tee-to-green. It's a course where you kind of just have to grind it out. If you don't have your best stuff -- even when you're playing good, I still felt like I was grinding it out regardless, when I felt like I was playing well.

This week is not only going to be more physical, but it's going to test the mental strength that you have and see how far you can actually push yourself to really to through -- sometimes go through the motions of actually trying to grind things out.

Q. The driving has been a bit of a thing, but you've managed to keep doing great with it. Is that the biggest difference from a year ago maybe?
JASON DAY: It's hard, because I think last year, I averaged like 55 percent of fairways and this year I'm averaging like 51. I mean, it's a quarter of a fairway more. It's a lot harder.

Last year at the tail end of my year, I was driving it on a string obviously. For the first kind of middle half of my season last year, I wasn't really driving that great.

I'm still hitting a lot of good quality drives. I've just got to tighten it up a little bit more.

Q. The mental strength, where does Bethpage, outside of the majors, where would it rate in terms of mental strength?
JASON DAY: If you're trying to win a tournament such as The Barclays, first FedExCup Playoff event, the best players in the world are playing here, and it is a U.S. Open-style golf course. It's very difficult.

So the guy -- like I said earlier, the guy that at the end of the week, you have to manage your golf ball well around here, but it's the guy that manages up here the best is going to win, because he's going to do everything he possibly can not to fall for the little things out there, gather all the information he can and go from there.

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