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August 25, 2016

Jason Day

Farmingdale, New York

JASON DAY: Birdied 6 and 7, and got home thinking, that was kind of a weird round. Actually I hit it a lot better than obviously with those two holes, but it was a little up-and-down, but overall very happy.

Q. How much patience does this golf course take?
JASON DAY: Well, it's a lot. The course is very lush. It's starting to get firm. The greens were a little slow today but it's understandable, because if you're in the rough, you can't keep it on the greens.

You can't attack this golf course the way usually try to attack it. It's one where you just have to stay patient. Usually this golf course doesn't yield a lot of birdies, and for the most part, the overall score at the end of the week is not very high, either. So just got to keep chipping away, chipping away and just don't make too many errors out there. That's the whole key for most of these guys out here.

To be honest, there's so many different game plans you can actually play around this golf course. You can hit driver as far as you can -- because the rough is up, better to come out with a wedge or you can just lay back and make sure you get on the fairway.

A lot of different game plans this week. It's the guy that manages up here the best is most likely going to win.

Q. You got in at 3-under par, how would you describe that round?
JASON DAY: Yeah, it was pretty solid. You take out the par 5 fourth hole, and what happened there, an unplayable, and made par in the end. There's a lot of good mixed in with a little bit of rust but hopefully got it out for tomorrow's round.

To be honest, I think I'm a lot more tired than I expected. This is a pretty big walk. But when you get back and you're just practicing and going to the gym, you don't really walk around a lot, and then you come back to a behemoth golf course in Bethpage, yeah, just a little bit tired.

Obviously if you're tired, that can kind of creep into your mental game, as well. Just trying to stay on top of it and make sure that I don't make too many silly errors.

Q. What positives are you taking into tomorrow?
JASON DAY: I hit it good. I mean, I gave myself opportunities out there. Obviously you've got to be patient around here. Don't do anything too crazy out there and try and chase pins. Just slowly chip away.

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