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August 23, 2016

Lorie Kane

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

THE MODERATOR: Lorie, back in Canada; what's it mean to you to be competing in the CP Women's Open again?

LORIE KANE: It's great, yeah. First of all, I'm just happy to be back home. I know it's a long way from Prince Edward Island. You might not know where that is. But that's the east coast of this country. And to be here in Calgary, I spent a lot of time in June here promoting the event and promoting the heart health campaign with the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation and the dollars that we'll raise, so to be able to come do this, raise some funds, play some golf, have some fun tonight, good to be home.

THE MODERATOR: It's always a special event for you coming back and playing in Canada, but this year getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, what is that going to mean to you?

LORIE KANE: To be totally honest with you, it's one of those things that I'm very honored to be able to say I'm going into the Hall, but at the same time something that I never -- I guess I've always thought of the Hall of Fame as something that happens at the end of your career. But I do know that in our sport, in golf, it's a little bit different because if you look at the World Golf Hall of Fame on both the men's and the ladies' side, the LPGA Golf Hall of Fame, first of all, is the toughest Hall of Fame to get into based on the points system that we have.

The World Golf Hall of Fame on the men's side is a voted thing and there's current players that are in that.

The day that Mike Weir accepted the invitation to the Hall of Fame was the day that I said when they come to me, if my time comes while I'm still playing, I will welcome it. I'm not someone who likes to look back, so I've had some time since Sandra's call to look back, and you know, I'm proud of myself. I have accomplished some things that I never thought would have been possible, but I'll share tonight, and unfortunately I know the media is not going to be with us.

I'm not here, and I will not accept this honor alone. I will accept this honor on behalf of my family, first of all, but all of the corporate support that I've had from this country. I think I've been one of the most fortunate athletes to have come across in the healthy times of the corporate world, through the trying times of the corporate world, and now to say that I'm with Canadian Pacific, one of the strongest companies in this country with a gentleman who believes in women's golf, and that's Mr. Hunter Harrison, and I'm a very fortunate young lady.

Q. Could you have envisioned these type of accolades and things 20 years ago when you first started out on the golf course?
LORIE KANE: Probably not, no. You know, if my mom was sitting here, she'd tell you that I did everything a little bit later, so none of this surprises her. I remember being asked a question when Michelle Wie turned pro at 13 or 14, when I turned pro at 29, I couldn't relate to that age gap. So to think in 20 years what I have achieved, you know, the four wins were -- it took me a long time to win the first one, and then the next three came pretty quickly after that.

You know, I was driving -- this is the truth. I was driving to my home club in PEI and heading to a charity event for the Boys & Girls Club, and something came on the radio talking about the Olympics, and everyone knows that I wanted to play in the Olympics, and I gave it my best shot, and I just didn't have the game. But in the back of my mind, female athlete of the year in this country came up, and I said, Lorie, you were female athlete of the year twice. So that tells you I never -- as the accolades came, they came because of hard work and determination, and I never really -- and I still sitting in this chair haven't really taken the time to maybe absorb all of that, because as athletes, we're told to move forward, not to spend any time in the past.

I have, since Sandra's call, spent a little more time in the past.

Q. Is there anything left that you'd like to accomplish, perhaps win a Canadian Open?
LORIE KANE: Perhaps, yes. That would be -- yeah, that would be my Stanley Cup for sure. You know, again, though, the opportunity I have just to be here to play, to represent Canadian Pacific, represent myself and my family, to do the best that I can this week, I'll be happy if I leave everything on the golf course. I'm probably playing some of the best golf I've played in a very long time. I'm having fun playing golf. It's exciting for me to see the number of young Canadian players. For Brooke and Alena to come home from the Olympics as Olympians, I know a little bit short of both of their goals, but it's a start, and it's going to make golf in our country even stronger than it is.

Yeah, what left do I have to achieve? I think I can still win, and so I need to take advantage of the opportunities when they come, and so this is an opportunity. Whether it'll happen, I don't know, but I can tell you that I'll work really hard to try to make it happen.

Q. You talked about Brooke a little bit; you've probably been watching her for a while. What are your thoughts?
LORIE KANE: Well, I've said this a lot, and I kind of joke because I think I was the one that kind of started this media trend on her hockey background and her goalie mentality, because let's face it, we as Canadians understand when we say goalies are a different breed, and that's a positive thing. She's not afraid to be out in front. I truly respect the way she plays and that she's accepting of what happens and she moves past it. You know, I've had enough time to play with her where she's got all kinds of game. She swings a very big driver a very long way. You know, she's got all kinds of game, and I'm extremely proud of her.

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