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August 21, 2016

Si Woo Kim

Greensboro, North Carolina

AMANDA HERRINGTON: We'd like to welcome our 2016 Wyndham Championship winner, Si Woo Kim. Historic week. Set the tournament record with a 60 en route to tying the tournament record and you became the youngest player to win this season, notching your first win.

Just go ahead and tell us how the emotions might be right now.

SI WOO KIM: I never expect any course record or so. I'm very happy being the youngest winner this year.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: Talk about you started the round with a good margin lead and then a couple bogies on the back. At any point did you feel like you were losing momentum or how did you -- what was your game plan going to finish those last holes?

SI WOO KIM: Even though I made two bogey, I feel confidence because of par 5 left. Once I make birdie, I can get -- I can win. So, it was not concerning that much for that two bogies.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: What will you remember most about this week?

SI WOO KIM: The second day I made 60, that's memorable moment and that helps me to winning this tournament this week.

Q. Looked a little nervous coming off of 17 after they blew the horn. What was going through your mind? Were you a little nervous you were going to get a little cold?
SI WOO KIM: I was a little bit concerned after two bogies and I overcome with the birdie and then next one I recover from one bad shot and then right after that horn blow I said, "Oh, thank you, I can win."

Q. Your caddy, Mark, said you always have fearless. Where does that come from?
SI WOO KIM: At this tournament I aggressively played. I already made Top 125, feel confidence so I don't have any fear to attacking the pin.

Q. After the loss at Barbasol, did you expect to have another chance to win so soon?
SI WOO KIM: After that, I never expected coming soon like this but I'm so happy I'm winning this tournament.

Q. What are the emotions about playing in your first Masters?
SI WOO KIM: I'm only experienced to play the Major was PGA Championship and so I never had any other Majors. But especially like Masters, it's dream tournament, dream Major tournament. I'm very happy about that.

Q. What was it like having your father here and did he say anything special to you afterwards?
SI WOO KIM: My father traveled with me all the times and whenever he travel with me he teaching, swinging and he's sure of my health and food and so that help me out a lot. That's why I won today.

Q. How do you spell your father's name?

Q. Did he ever play professionally or just a teacher?
SI WOO KIM: Just my teacher.

Q. He doesn't teach other people.
SI WOO KIM: Before. Long time ago.

Q. So was he a teaching pro?
SI WOO KIM: Was he was a teaching pro? Not since I play. He's teaching me and stopped teaching other kids.

Q. You tried Q-School at 17. What made you to come over so quickly or that your game was so ready at a young age?
SI WOO KIM: When I was national team member I had many experience in the international tournament and because of that Q-School when I was 17 that was last Q-School and so that's why I just want to have experience. I never expect to be -- have a card.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: Now that you've got your first PGA TOUR win, what's your next goal?

SI WOO KIM: My goal as of today, as of I won today and I had two more years so I work hard. My goal is winning one more time next two years.

Q. You were already in good position heading into the Playoffs. Now this vaults you into the Top 30.
How excited are you to go through the Playoffs and potentially make it all the way through to the Tour Championship now that you're in that position?

SI WOO KIM: Before this tournament I was tough to gain that Top 30 but right now I can get in so I'm very happy about that and want to get through it.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: When we talked to you after your 60 you said you were going to wait to celebrate. Now, how will you celebrate the win?

SI WOO KIM: After go back to the hotel and we have little dinner and then just celebrate, dinner party with father.

Q. With your dad being in golf, did you start playing golf right away and when did you realize that you could be good or be a professional and when did you want to be a professional?
SI WOO KIM: Growing up watching my dad playing, practice and at the times like my father never force me to practice anything but I love it and I like the playing and then -- and so that's why my father is so good to me and that -- this come up this moment.

Q. Will it be at the same restaurant? I understand you guys have been going to the same restaurant every night. Is that true? What restaurant is it?
SI WOO KIM: Same Korean restaurant.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: All right. With that, thank you and congratulations.

SI WOO KIM: Thank you.

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