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August 21, 2016

Johnson Wagner

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Johnson, congratulations. 15-under par. Another solid week. You're in the FedExCup Playoffs. Just your thoughts on how you played again this week.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I played nice. Driving the ball well, putting really nice this week which was nice to see the putter get a little hot. Missed a short one on 17. Made a pretty sloppy bogey on 18 with a bad tee shot. You know, I was 125 last week and I've had a 5th and 6th, so moving up and, you know, look forward to the Playoffs.

Q. What does it mean to not only get in the Top 125 but now you're projected 81st in the Top 100?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I just bogey on the last. I think you're off there. I'm 95th, I think projected. So, yeah, it's it's good. Want to make a run. I've never made the Tour Championship. It's been a goal forever. I think I'm playing good enough to make a nice playoff run.

Q. What has it been about the game the last few weeks that made you play so well?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Made some adjustments with my coach after missing the cut at Hartford, little less wrist on the back swing. Hitting the ball straight and flush and kind of have an idea of where it's going.

Q. No better time to get the game going than Playoff time.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Thank you very much.

Q. Johnson, great round for you today, great finish. Can you talk about what went well for you there, especially on the back-9?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I gave myself a lot of birdie chances. Really rolled the ball nice. Unfortunately had a nice birdie putt about five feet on 17 I missed and then an unfortunate bogey on last but two consecutive Top-6 finishes going into the Playoffs, it's solid. It's always nice to play well in North Carolina. I live in Charlotte. So, yeah, I'm disappointed now but really good stuff to go on.

Q. What kind of pressure do you guys put on yourselves to try to catch Kim who gave himself such a nice cushion?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Front-9, it would have been nice to get off to a hot start, but slow, bunch of pars. Once I got it going I looked up and he was 6 or 7 clear so at that point I was just trying to get into 2nd.

Q. Coming into today, almost thinking I don't like you're going to be playing with 2nd for the lead he has?
JOHNSON WAGNER: It's a tough golf course. Hit a couple foul balls, he come come back to the field. Once I saw him at 22-under or whatever he got it to, I figured it was playing for 2nd at that point.

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