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August 21, 2016

Brad Dalke

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. It just looked like after the morning round you just didn't quite have it; you didn't drive it well enough?
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, my driver got a little away from me that second round. Didn't help that Curtis played really well on especially the front nine. But yeah, just didn't -- I played solid this morning considering it's a little windy out here and stuff, but this afternoon just didn't quite have it.

Q. What was different?
BRAD DALKE: I just didn't ever feel comfortable really until really I had a couple good swings starting on kind of 11 maybe, 11 and 12, then at that point I was just too far down where I was trying my hardest, but just comeback wasn't very likely. I just wasn't as comfortable out there.

Q. You could have thrown in the towel but you showed a lot of guts coming back at 10 and 11, hitting some good shots, giving it yourself.
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, that's all you can do. You know, I try my best. Whatever happens happens. It's God's plan, and I tried my best out there the whole time. Even when I was hitting it all over the place, I was trying my best. When I was starting to play good there at the end, I was trying my best. Whatever happens happens. Today just wasn't my day, but Curtis is a great winner, and he definitely deserves it.

Q. A lot of things go along with being a finalist in the U.S. Amateur. Was everything what you thought it would be?
BRAD DALKE: It was awesome. All the fans out here were great. It was a great week. I wish it could have ended a little better, obviously, but what a great week. It was awesome out here at Oakland Hills.

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