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August 20, 2016

Leona Maguire

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Q. A great performance today. Are you happy with your round today?
LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, I played really well. I actually played the harder holes better than the easier holes. It was windy on the front nine when we were out there. To get 3‑under through the front nine was big. Would have liked to make a few more birdies coming in but it's been a great finish to an unbelievable week.

Q. Are you surprised by the conditions? The wind seems to have died down a bit?
LEONA MAGUIRE: It has, yeah, in like the last 40 minutes or so, it's really dropped. Unfortunately we were through the hard holes by then. But no, the weather's been a little unpredictable here all week and we weren't expecting those high winds this morning. So I guess six of one, half a dozen; they sort of cancel each other out.

Q. What's been the memory, the abiding memory from this week that you'll take home with you?
LEONA MAGUIRE: I mean, there's so many. It's been a fantastic week. Obviously going to some of the sport events at the start of the week was great. Got to fee Michael Phelps [] last race and then being able to be in the first group here is something I'll never forget on the first morning.
Yeah to, have Paul McGinley here, as well, has been unbelievable. He couldn't have been more help to us, and to have someone of his calibre with us all week helping us as much as he can, you can't really ask for much more than that.

Q. What does this mean for women's golf in Ireland?
LEONA MAGUIRE: Hopefully it means a lot. It was great to have both myself and Stephanie out here this week. We both did pretty well I think. And obviously this has been streamed all around the world, so I think it's great for ladies golf in general. It's nice to see big crowds out there today.
I think the men were very successful last week and I think we have been, too.

Q. So what's next for you from here?
LEONA MAGUIRE: I'm going back to college next week, back to Duke, and then we've got the World Amateur in a few weeks' time in México. Then I've got some college events and I've got PGA Q‑School in October, second stage. Sort of building up to that.

Q. Does it depend how you do there, whether you turn pro?
LEONA MAGUIRE: Pretty much.

Q. Do you think you'll carry on with your studies or is that up in the air?
LEONA MAGUIRE: If I do get my card, I will turn pro. So I can't really‑‑ I think ultimately I will get my degree at some stage. When that is, I don't know.

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