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August 20, 2016

Si Woo Kim

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Great round today. Just some thoughts about being in the lead and playing in the final group on Sunday.
SI WOO KIM: Pressure tomorrow but today, today same, first time, final group. Same trying to win.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your play today with all that pressure of playing in the final group?
SI WOO KIM: I have a lot of pressure for first hole but had birdie and 3rd hole, four hole, like couple missed putt because of pressure and read the putt. I have -- I'm trying much better to keep that back-9, much better putting stroke. Couple missed on back-9 but much better than front-9 putting stroke.

Q. Did you get frustrated at all out there at any point? I saw some one-handed swings but the ball was ending up like 8 feet from the hole.
SI WOO KIM: I made little bit, hit fat? Weather is warm, ball goes far. That's lucky.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about South K.J. Choi. He has has won here in the past. Has he been a mentor to you since you've been out here on Tour?
SI WOO KIM: I talk to K.J. but he talk to me after Barbasol, that's all right, next time have a chance, you have a lot of chances because, you know, you can do it. I said yes.

Q. Do you know Inbee Park at all?
SI WOO KIM: No. I know, but not really.

Q. She one the gold today. I'm just wondering what that means for South Korea to have an Olympic athlete win a Gold Medal in golf.
If you don't have a comment about it, that's fine. It finished today. She won by like four, five shots.

SI WOO KIM: Finished Saturday?

Q. Yes, Saturday finish and won.
SI WOO KIM: That's great.

Q. Some really great golf you played today. Tell us about the round and how you felt out there as the day went on here on Saturday.
SI WOO KIM: Am playing with Kevin Na and little bit more like comfortable for him because we're friend, I guess. But I'm first time start out, lot of pressure. First two holes start feeling much comfortable. 3rd hole, felt pressure. Couple missed on front-9. Just trying on the front-9 to keep aggressive playing. That's much better than putting stroke. I guess everything, thinking comfortable. That's playing better.

Q. Why were your irons so good? You were so close to the hole all day long with your iron shots.
SI WOO KIM: I never play like this this week, almost first time for me but I missed a lot of iron shots before but I keep trying last week, keep trying short iron, mid-irons, lot of practice. This week very much better.

Q. Great playing and good luck tomorrow. Thank you.
SI WOO KIM: Thank you.

Q. Great day today. Tell us about how you feel you played today.
SI WOO KIM: I feel like really pressure because first time, first time I lead 3rd Round but start very good, first hole and second hole start birdie but after little pressure I felt little better but I'm trying to be aggressive and then much better than 5, 5 make birdie and then everything feel comfortable. Back-9 greens hard but I don't want to thinking too much, just keep playing.

Q. What about the finish on 18? What a way to finish, gives you a lot of confidence for tomorrow.
SI WOO KIM: I didn't see yet scoreboard but I make birdie last hole. Good confidence for tomorrow. Then I keep trying same tomorrow.

Q. Will you have any trouble sleeping tonight? You have a four shot lead.
SI WOO KIM: No. I'm experienced before like Alabama in Barbasol, that's good experience and then tomorrow, good for tomorrow.

Q. Being able to play so well in the final group today, how will that help you in the final group tomorrow coming down the stretch?
SI WOO KIM: Not to have like final groups always little pressure and then -- but today 3rd Round. I think tomorrow is much pressure but I'm just trying to keep the putter, keep confidence in your shot. That's it.

Q. Can you play better tomorrow, better from the way you played these last two rounds?
SI WOO KIM: I don't know, but I feel very good now. My shots like much more consistent than tomorrow. Only problem have pressure but I'm just keeping same practice shot, trying tomorrow.

Q. Did you have fun today?
SI WOO KIM: Yes. Not too fun because pressure front-9 but have fun last, back-9.

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