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August 19, 2016

Shanshan Feng

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Q. A medal could really spark interest back home. Do you feel any extra pressure or burden to try and take on that role, spreading the game?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think this time, like actually doesn't really matter like how we do. We are already televised all over the world. And also back in China, like normally we are only on golf channels, but this time people can see us on any channels. I think that's a great chance to let the Chinese know how good the Chinese players are, and hopefully they can just fall in love with the sport and join this sport.
Of course, if I play better, I will be televised more. But thinking about it is going to give me pressure, so I'm not really going to think about it. And I've been enjoying it so far, so maybe just stay in the same condition and not worry about the result.

Q. Windy?

Q. You said between 20 and 30, you think?

Q. Gusting or completely different directions? What was going on?
SHANSHAN FENG: The wind stayed in the same directions, but it was kind of gusty at some points. It was hard out there, because even me, I'm not a short player, but I used 3‑wood into the greens on three par 4s, and that's not very normal. Even though like sometimes we play like on a course that's like 6,600, 6,700, I don't do it that often.
But it happens here, because the setup of this golf course is that you have some short holes that you can score, but then we have some longer holes that are really long and they are usually into the wind. Those are really tough. I mean, just need to stay patient the whole day, and I think I did.

Q. How much has Mercer helped you with yardages changing; how exhausting is that, rethinking yardages and clubs and things like that?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I don't worry about the distance. He gets the distance. He tells me like what's to the front, what's to the flag, and then I'll ask him about the wind direction and we'll discuss about how far and how much wind to add.
The most important thing is we've been working together for so long, so like having him right there is actually making me feel more comfortable no matter what. I think we've worked really well together.

Q. Did you have a goal in mind coming in? Did you just want to have fun or did you want a medal?
SHANSHAN FENG: Just wanted to have fun. I think everybody wants a medal. But at the end of the days, there are only three people that can actually earn the medal.
I think for me, the first goal was to get in this time, and I'm in, so I'm happy about that. Then I just want to enjoy and play good golf.

Q. Now being in contention, going into tomorrow, are you watching the leaderboard at all? Did you see that you wanted to be‑‑ do you ever watch leaderboards?
SHANSHAN FENG: No. I watch after we finish. But sometimes people will tell me where I'm at. It's okay if they tell me, but I try to not really pay attention to the others, because what we are doing, essentially trying to beat ourselves. Like we bring out our AGame and don't worry about the others.

Q. The list of names on the leaderboard, it's Inbee, Lydia, you, major champions, really good players. What do you think that says about how important this event is to you guys?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think we've got all of our top players from LPGA, from KLPGA, JLPGA, LET, all of the top players are here. We are really here to support this sport. I think with the big names on top of the leaderboard, of course it's going to make it more interesting, because everybody is very experienced and they can handle pressure very well.
So I think it makes the game look more interesting tomorrow. I mean, we just had the men's last week. So if people can say, PGA is fun and LPGA is very fun, too, so maybe more people watch ladies golf, also.

Q. Did you watch the men's golf?
SHANSHAN FENG: A little bit. We had two Chinese guys here last week.

Q. Do you know them?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I know them. Not like real close but I know them.

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