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August 19, 2016

Si Woo Kim

Greensboro, North Carolina

AMANDA HERRINGTON: We'd like to welcome Si Woo Kim to the Interview Room. Sensational 60, following a couple weeks where we've seen two 58s.

At what point did you realize this was really going well?

SI WOO KIM: Say again.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: Talk a little bit about when that moment coming in when you realized, starting maybe thinking 59.

SI WOO KIM: I don't know. Like last hole make birdie, 59, because that's more comfortable than -- but I'm trying to birdie last hole. Tee shot aggressive.

Yesterday hit 3-wood but today just try to hit driver. Hit driver and then missed left. Just tough, tough lie and then tough lie, tough there, tough pin and just -- I'm trying before like 10 yards, 15 yards landing but almost hit the green landing, then start the putting really fast down-grain and just trying to par but almost close there.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: What parts of your game were really good today?

SI WOO KIM: My irons and putting game is much better. Much more putting practice last week. That's better, just putting.


Q. When you made the eagle, did you think about 59 at that point or going really low?
SI WOO KIM: I'm not thinking 59 but I'm trying to eagle. I have chance because on fairway, then I hit the driver with the fairway and just 8-iron, eagle, yeah.

Q. On your last hole did you think you had made the birdie putt for 59? It looked pretty close.
SI WOO KIM: Yeah. But I don't know. Make birdie, 59, because just birdie every hole.

Q. Did you think the putt was going in?
A Hit after.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: How were the greens today?

SI WOO KIM: Greens I practice on Monday and -- Monday and Tuesday but greens fast and firm, no spinning. But yesterday greens were firm and fast but today, morning, much better that are soft and green condition much better. But lot of -- greens still tough.

Q. Can you please describe the way you putt on these greens if you have to be aggressive or when you go to the green do you think I have to leave it uphill or what?
SI WOO KIM: Like this grass that are bermuda. I know I saw the line like grass like this (indicating) and then just caddy, I talk to caddy every putt before, like one cup, two cups, and just hit one cup, two cups in there just trying aggressive part, yes.

Q. Did you get nervous playing the last hole thinking about 59?
SI WOO KIM: No (laughter).

AMANDA HERRINGTON: After that, how are you feeling?

SI WOO KIM: Feel very good (laughter).

Q. I have two questions. How do you celebrate a 60? I mean you go home and have something special to eat or, you know, how do you celebrate?
SI WOO KIM: Not so much celebrate today. After this week, play good, I celebrate. Just trying rest today and then to see dinner.

Q. What would a win mean? You're leading now. What would a win mean to you?
SI WOO KIM: I'm not thinking too much like for later and win, just trying today my putting, my shot, yeah. That's it.

AMANDA HERRINGTON: Great round. Thank you for joining us.

SI WOO KIM: Thank you.

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