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August 19, 2016

Kevin Na

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Great one to finish here at the 9th. How big was that for you?
KEVIN NA: That was huge. You know, two shots within the lead. You know, my back-9 which was the front-9 I had a lot of looks and lot of them hit the hole but didn't fall in. It was nice to see that one fall.

Q. Looked like you really hung tough out there today because even on 8 most recently you caught some of the cup, just didn't fall.
KEVIN NA: I hit a great putt there. These greens are slippery. Some of the pins were in quite a bit of slopes. Seems likes there was a lot of movement at the end and it's hard to make putts when you have a hole location like that.

Q. As we look forward to the weekend, I looked up your record, you hadn't been here since 2010 but in the 3rd round in 2010 I'm sure you know what you shot, 61. We're headed to the 3rd round tomorrow. How do you feel?
KEVIN NA: Yeah. I had the tie for the course record with 61 with a couple other guys. Si Woo Kim broke it. I saw him before I teed off on the 9th green. I congratulated him on good play.

So, you know, looks like somebody else might break it again, too. But, you know what, I'm in good position for the weekend. Keep attacking those flags and we'll see.

Q. 10-under par, great playing.
KEVIN NA: Thank you so much.

Q. Good round. Nice strong finish for you. What are your feelings going into the weekend?
KEVIN NA: My game feels pretty good. I had a couple -- little bit of stretch where I struggled -- I was in the first cut. These first cuts are tough to judge whether it's going to fly or not.

I felt like I hit a good tee shot that ended up in the first cut, probably cost me a shot or two. The putter was not quite as hot as yesterday. Overall, I was pleased.

Q. When it comes to the putter not being as hot as yesterday, do you consider a difference with the greens in the morning and the afternoon?
KEVIN NA: Of course. Even though the bermudas, they're pretty tough with a lot of traffic, but in the afternoon they're not going to be as smooth as the morning rounds. You can't do anything about that.

Compared to before these greens, they're very good for an afternoon.

Q. You had the co-lead coming into today. Now you're two back of the final round today. Your thoughts about Kim's round and what he did as far as setting the tournament record?
KEVIN NA: He had a chance for 59. You get those once or twice in your lifetime, unless you're Jim Furyk. But yeah, he played unbelievably. I actually had the tie for the course record at 61. He broke it and there's another 59 out there for Lucas Glover. Maybe he might do it.

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