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August 19, 2016

Jim Furyk

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. We're with the guy who has broken 60 twice on the PGA TOUR, Jim Furyk. Describe what it's like being in that position with Lucas Glover.
JIM FURYK: I'm sure he's nervous. I'm not sure what happened, he parred 17. He -- we were watching how low he was going and we were looking back on the green, saw he missed the fairway to the left. Must have hit a great shot. He's poured a bunch of them in today.

Q. Pretty amazing to have another scenario like this after you had a couple weeks ago.
JIM FURYK: We had another 60 go out this morning. I'm not sure if he birdied last or he had a shot with 59. It's a golf course I can see guys go low. I'm a little surprised how low the scoring is. The fairways are pretty firm. They're extremely quick, have a lot of slope in them.

If you get the ball in the fairway it is -- it's playing short, the ball is rolling. I can see guys hitting lot of wedges. I'm still shocked we had so many guys going that low.

Q. Jim, it was a solid day for you. Yesterday you mentioned your driving was really good. I noticed that today. Set you up in some good spots, didn't it?
JIM FURYK: Really did. You know, if you can get the ball in the fairway here you're going to have some short irons, you can attack some of the pins.

Putting still tough, lot of slope on the greens. It did set-up today, the bogies today were 3-putt again. I had another and then missing the fairway at 9. I think I hit a 8-iron. Must have flown 170-some yards. The rough here will give you a chance to hit out of but hard to control the ball.

Q. (Inaudible) You've had 59, 58, you won a Major. Four birdies today seems like a stress-free round. Still fun?
JIM FURYK: I had a good time. Yesterday was a good, solid round. I think I threw like six birdies, an eagle and a couple bogies in there to get myself in contention today. 10-under par for two days and it will be fun to get out there this weekend and get in it.

Q. Do you look at the scoreboard a little more now with the 58, 59 on the resume, Kim went out this morning had a chance, Lucas has a chance to shoot 59.
Are you looking at the scores closely?

JIM FURYK: Rickie Fowler is my social media guy. He figured it out early that there was already a 60 posted and then he also let me know how low Lucas was going in behind us. I got really excited. Lucas is a friend and it's exciting to see a guy go so low. I hope he knocks it in.

Q. Pretty good day. Got to feel good about it.
JIM FURYK: Yeah. Good, solid round. Got off to a good start, 4-under through 5. Had a couple hiccups on 7 and 9 and got that tough stretch, 10, 11, 12 that I played solidly and was able to make a bunch of birdies on the way in to get myself to 10-under, in the mix of things. It's fun. Looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Talk a little about sort of the mentality when you're right there heading into the weekend.
JIM FURYK: Well, you know, it's exciting. I've had kind of a short season, got off to a late start this year in May and really didn't find myself until about June.

So, you know, I've had two and a half months of golf or so and I played a bunch and got myself in contention once or twice in the mix, in the thick of things. It's what we all compete and play for and it's great to wake up on the weekend with a chance.

Q. You had your record of 58 just a couple weeks ago. It almost looked like it's in danger this week.
JIM FURYK: It's exciting to see Kim that went out this morning, see Kim go out this morning and play a great round. I guess he had a putt on 9 that was close to breaking 60 and then Lucas is a friend and behind. Exciting day for him. Rickie Fowler noticed on the board on the way in how well he was playing. We were kind of keeping an eye on this.

Q. I know it's only Saturday but your thoughts on the passing away of Jay from the Travelers.
JIM FURYK: I got to meet and know Jay at the Travelers a couple weeks ago. He said he was towards the end. Guess he didn't realize how right he was.

But, you know, he's beloved by the other players on Tour. It's an event that I haven't played a ton in my career but the players that I know and that I respect on Tour always had great things to say about the golf course, always great things to say about the tournament but, more importantly, about Travelers and the way they embrace that community and embrace that golf tournament and I know Jay was a big part of that.

So, he'll definitely be deeply missed on Tour by the players and by the PGA TOUR as a whole.

Q. You had a nice moment with him after you shot that.
JIM FURYK: I'll cherish that and remember it and it's definitely a sad day.

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