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August 18, 2016

Kevin Na

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Kevin, congratulations. Wonderful round of golf. Seven birdies, no bogies. Your thoughts on how it went out there today.
KEVIN NA: I played really well today. Hit it well. Made a lot of putts which that putter has not been all that hot this year and, you know, it was nice to see a lot of putts go in. It's usually over the years been my strong part of game but I felt like I really found something.

Q. Course conditions, what did you think out there?
KEVIN NA: The last time I played out here was bentgrass and I shot 61 on a Saturday. I was the first group off. The golf course has changed. It's a lot more difficult. You know, I played unbelievably well. I just think it's a great course for me. I'm glad I'm back.

Q. I think this is such a long season, you go back to how your year started, you had four Top 3s in your first 6 tournaments. 8th last week. Compare the game then to what you're going through now.
KEVIN NA: I feel like my game is very close to where it was in the beginning of the season when I went 2nd, 2nd, 3rd. The only thing different has been my putter.

I feel like this week, like today and the final round at the John Deere when I shot 7-under, my putter was right where it was at the beginning of the season.

Q. Great stuff today. Good luck the rest of the week.
KEVIN NA: Thank you.

Q. Kevin. what were your keys to a clean card?
KEVIN NA: It was definitely the putter. I putted really well today, probably one of my better rounds with the putter this year.

I've been struggling a little bit with that putter. Usually it's my strongest part of the game but this year I've been striking it really well and putting so so. Today I made a lot of key putts.

Q. Why were you so comfortable out there on the greens?
KEVIN NA: You know, I putted really bad last week and on Sunday when I shot 7-under. I putted really well. I change a little bit of set-up and I got a little confidence on that Sunday going into this week and I think that was the difference today.

Q. You're at 10th right now in the FedExCup standings. You've been on quite the run so far this season. Describe where the comfort level has been at with your game.
KEVIN NA: I feel pretty comfortable. I'm hitting the ball well. I'm giving myself a lot of opportunities. I've had a lot of Top 3 finishes. No W. It seems like it's the story of my career. I'm only sitting at one stinking win.

I'm playing good enough to win and hopefully I keep -- I just block that out and play my game and hopefully get lucky.

Q. You putted well.
KEVIN NA: I did. You know, last time I was here was bentgrass and the greens get pretty beat up with bentgrass. I did shoot 61 when I was the first group off on Saturday. I believe that tied the course record. But the greens are absolutely perfect.

Q. Talk about just your number, your overall score today. That's a good number to throw up there.
KEVIN NA: I hit it really well. I putted -- I made a lot of putts and there was a couple par putts that was probably key to keep my round alive. For example, like the one on 14, the par-4 I hit a great shot, stayed on the green. As I was walking up, rolled off the green. Chipped to it about 7 feet and made a downhill slider for par. You need to make putts like that to keep the round going.

Q. How do you think this score will hold up with the afternoon guys?
KEVIN NA: I think it would play a little more difficult in the afternoon. I would think 7-under would be leading. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody goes out and shoots 8. Probably get more difficult.

Q. Your motivation doing well, performing well in this tournament this week, what's your sole motivation to perform well?
KEVIN NA: I want to guarantee myself, lock myself for the Tour Championship. Obviously we have four playoff events but, unfortunately, I'm only going to be playing three because the second playoff week my wife and I are having our first child. We're going to be missing that week. We're having a girl. So we're very excited. So, I added this week so I could get some more points to lock myself up.

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