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August 18, 2016

Jim Furyk

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Jim talk about today, 6 birdies. How would you describe today's round?
JIM FURYK: You know, it was a good score. Right now a touch frustrating. If I went back I think I hit a bunch of greens. I might have hit every green. Two 3-putts were the two bogies. The greens are just really difficult. They're very quick. There's a ton of slope in them.

You get on the wrong spots on the greens it's tough to get down in two and I had some really good opportunities there on the way in as well for birdie on 8, 9. I think that's it. I hit it 6 feet both holes and came away with pars.

Q. Pleased with the ball striking? I thought the iron play was really good today.
JIM FURYK: Yeah. Really, I hit a lot of fairways. I hit the ball well. Hit a lot of good putts, too, don't get me wrong. I'm frustrated I didn't hit a very good putt at 8 and 9. I'm frustrated because you got me right out out of the scorer's tent. To be honest, I don't feel like talking. I'm frustrated.

Q. Lastly, it has been kind of a fun two weeks though since the 58, won the Payne Stewart Award. You've been busy. Everything kind of culminated, coming together with you when you want to be playing well and heading into The Playoffs?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, but also if I don't play well my season will end next week. I think everything is coming around well I feel about the way I'm playing. I also know that I have to continue to play well to keep playing.

So, yeah, I think I'm ranked 106 right now if that's correct. I'll be in next week at Bethpage. Hopefully have a good week this week and we'll see what happens.

Q. Lot of good stuff out there today. Can't remember the last time you missed a green, sometime on Saturday at Hartford?
JIM FURYK: It was a good ball-striking day. Hit a lot of fairways and greens, as you said. Gave myself a lot of looks and for the most part hit a lot of good putts.

Hard to get some of the long putts close. I had two 3-putts today. I'm sure a lot of the field had a 3-putt or two today. These greens are difficult. Any frustration I have is really the putts at 8 and 9.

Q. How do you like the course?
JIM FURYK: I like the course. It definitely suits my style. You have to get the ball in play. You have to put the ball in good positions with your iron shots. The fairways are relatively tight. The greens are somewhat small and you really -- once you get to the greens the battle's not over.

You got to hit some pretty good shots. 15 feet from the hole and trying to figure out a way how to get the next one inside three feet. There's a lot of -- actually there's a surprising -- I forgot how much slope was on the greens. The last time I was here they were bentgrass. Quite a bit slower and you really didn't have to respect the slope as much.

Q. Jim I know you're feeling a little frustrated with the finish but still, overall, good day.
JIM FURYK: Yeah. I mean I guess you know -- teed off on the first interview. I'm getting over it. I didn't hit a very good putt at 8 and 9 for birdie. I was a little frustrated on the finish.

I hit the ball great today. Played a very good, solid round of golf at 4-under and I guess it could have been better but it could have been a heck of a lot worse, too.

Q. Continuation of the stuff that you kind of learned Saturday night at Travelers and Sunday?
JIM FURYK: I struck the ball well again. I hit a bunch of greens again. I feel good. I hit a lot of short irons again at the pin, gave myself a ton of opportunities today. I couldn't capitalize on as many.

I worked a little bit with dad on the week home. I actually got a little sideways at home and we worked on something Monday before coming up here that really just kind of solidified what I was doing with my set-up. Felt good about it.

Q. How much were you thinking about the Ryder Cup pick, did that influence your decision to play here?
JIM FURYK: I was scheduled to play here for quite awhile ago. I started so late in the season and in May and I'm trying to -- this is only like my 11th or 12th event, I think 12th event of the year so I need to play tournaments and so I was scheduled to play here.

I think the Ryder Cup is on everyone's mind that might have a chance. Obviously those guys are sitting in the hot seat about 7 to 12, can't get away from it because that's what everyone is talking about.

Someone like me who is probably down list about 20th or so, I would have to play well here down the stretch and try to catch the eye of my teammates and Captain. It's on everyone's mind. To say no, I'm not, it's not on my mind I would be lying but also I've been in these situations for so many years that really all you can do is focus on your own game and focus on the next day of playing and you want to go out and play best you can. That takes care of a lot of things.

Q. Situation for you being (inaudible).
JIM FURYK: Yeah. I think it's unique for both Stricker and I. It's not like it never happened before but it is unique. It's a good way to put it.

We'll be talking about Captain's picks and I'll be part of those discussions and obviously if I were to play well down the stretch I would remove myself from those situations but there's so much that has to be done and I have to play some good golf. I don't play well this week or next week my season ends in two weeks. Not a lot of tournaments to catch.

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