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August 17, 2016

Davis Riley

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. That was a nail biter, huh?
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, it was kind of close. Kind of struggled there after the delay. Had a comfortable cushion after the delay, but it's match play. You never have it won until the final putt drops.

I'm proud of the way I fought after struggling so bad coming in. Hit a really good shot on the playoff hole, and thankfully it was good enough.

Q. The fact that you were up by a good margin and then he cut it back, what's going through your head when that's happening?
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, I mean, I've had a lot of experience in match play, so I knew that when everybody is done, especially in the top 64, you've got to expect them to fight a little bit. So I just tried to stick to my routine and what I've been doing all week, and thankfully it was good enough there in the end.

Q. How much different were the conditions in the afternoon once you went back out?
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, you could tell they were starting to speed up a little bit this morning because the wind yesterday afternoon started to drop a little bit. It was just soft out there, soft like it has been all week. Just a little bit of an adjustment on the greens. Not too terribly bad.

Q. Does the fact that you've been so deep in USGA championships before, how much does that help you when you get to this point? Now you're past the Junior, you're in the Amateur. How does that replay itself for you?
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, it's nice to draw on memories in the Junior and Junior Am and stuff, just the main thing in match play is you've never won it until the last putt drops, so you've got to keep fighting until the last as if you were down. You've just got to keep fighting.

Q. What did you hit in at 18?
DAVIS RILEY: 18 right there, I hit an 8-iron in there.

Q. Looked like a pretty tough lie.
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, it was kind of a jumper. I caught the back of the green thankfully and rolled back there 30 feet or so.

Q. Take us through the playoff hole; what happened there?
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, the tee shot, I hit it really solid, just kind of overcooked it down in the left bunker, had 147 it was, just a perfect number for a pitching wedge, and caught it nice and crisp and landed right up there next to the hole.

Q. What was he like to try and shake? He made that run on the back nine, 17-year-old kid, it's pretty impressive, wasn't it?
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, exactly. Going through the front nine before the delay, I was kind of on cruise control playing really well. I think I was turning at 4- or 5-under playing really solid, and that delay came. Of course I lost 10 right before the delay. We jumped back on 11, he won 11 right away, so he was picking up his momentum, so you could kind of feel it, so I just tried to stick to what I knew and try and keep fighting.

Q. What's it like to try and fight to get it back?
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, you kind of feel like you tense up. You've just got to stay calm and stick to what you've been doing all week, what got me here.

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