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July 20, 2001

Michele Redman


MICHELE REDMAN: I birdied one. I hit a sand wedge. I had 80 -- I had 77 yards to the pin. I hit a sand wedge about 60. I bogeyed 6. I actually three-putted from the fringe there. I hit an 8-iron and it was about 30 feet and three-putted from the fringe there. And I birdied 11. I hit a 9-wood out of the rough. I didn't hit a good drive there up to about -- probably about five feet for birdie. 12, I hit a 5-iron for about three feet for birdie. And then 14, I missed the green with the 7-iron and didn't get up and down, and I think my last putt for five was about four feet, actually. And that's it.

Q. (Inaudible.)

MICHELE REDMAN: It was about the same. I think the greens are firming up, for sure. I think that makes -- I think that's why the scoring is not as low today as yesterday, for sure. I mean, I hit a chip shot on 18. I couldn't believe how far past it it went on 18.

Q. (Inaudible.)


Q. (Inaudible.)

MICHELE REDMAN: I think so. I really -- I don't know if they are going to water the greens tonight or what they are going to do, but they are definitely firmer today than they were the first four days that I've played. I think that's the way they should play it. I think that's the way the course is meant to be played here. You have to think to hit into the greens. You know, if you're in between clubs -- I mean, I was in between clubs a number of times today and I think that was a little bit difficult.

Q. Why do you play this course so well, and how is it playing different than when you won a few years ago?

MICHELE REDMAN: I think it's kind of almost playing a little bit similar. I think the greens today were the firmest I've seen them in a long time. I like playing here because I think you have to hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens. And if you do miss it, you have to be in the right spot here. They've put some kind of different sand in the bunkers out here. So if you short-side yourself in any of the bunkers, it's very difficult to get up and down, because you can't get any spin on your shots out of the bunkers at all.

Q. With the greens as firm as they are, will it make it that much difficult for somebody to go on a run with, say, three, four, five birdies in a row like some of the gals did yesterday?

MICHELE REDMAN: No, not really. It just depends if you have the right number and you're striking the ball well, it's out there. The par-5s are definitely our birdie holes today. You can reach 15 and 8 -- I mean, I was only like 10 or 12 yards short of the green on 18 today. And 1, you can get close depending on what the wind is doing. You said -- like I said yesterday, you have to pick and choose the holes out here that you think are good holes to make the pars on, and there's a few holes out here that you want to make birdie on. Like I felt like -- 15, I didn't birdie today, and I felt like I lost a shot there.

Q. For a second round, was this setup as difficult as you've ever seen, and why?

MICHELE REDMAN: They had a couple pins out there. The one on 10, I don't know that I've seen before. I thought it was set up pretty difficult. I thought it was a good test. You have to hit the ball well here to score well. It's not -- you just have to hit the ball well here. It's not luck most of the time out here.

Q. If it stays like this, can someone come out, attack, and then shoot a real low number over the weekend?

MICHELE REDMAN: It just depends. Like I said, if you have a day where you have the perfect numbers to the holes, it's out there. You know, it's playing fast. You don't have a lot of club into the green. But at the same time, you have to be careful when you are hitting into the greens that you put it on the right side of the hole. Because the greens are speeding up. Like I hit that putt on 18. I had a 20-footer for birdie there. I knocked it five or six feet past, and I did not hit it that hard. So, I think the speed of the greens, they're going to get quicker.

Q. (Inaudible.)

MICHELE REDMAN: Well, tomorrow I'm just going to go out and do like I've done the last two days. Just, you know, try to hit a lot of fairways and greens and go for it when I think it's right and be conservative when I think it's the right time to be conservative. I'm not going change my game plan because there's ten people within I don't know how may shots. I haven't really looked at the board. I know people are all kind of packed in, but I won't change my game plan. I've learned too many times. Unless it comes down to the last hole and I need to do something special, I'm not going to change my game plan.

Q. Is it too early to think about the Solheim? Are you motivated by that?

MICHELE REDMAN: I'm motivated by it. Of course. You know, my first time on the Solheim Cup team, we didn't win. I definitely would like to get back on the team and win the cup back. There is not a week out there that I don't think about it. My goal is to have enough points at the end of the year to play the schedule that I want to play, unlike last year where I felt like I had to play a lot at the end to keep my space on the team.

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