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August 15, 2016

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: It's my pleasure to introduce Miguel Angel Jimenez to the Media Center. Rounds of 68, 70, 69, 71, for a four-day total of 278, 2 under par and a runner-up finish.

Miguel, a double bogey on 2, but then you rebounded really nicely. Talk about what you were able to do over the preceding 10, 12 holes.

MIGUEL JIMENEZ: On Hole No. 2, I make the double bogey there. Drove it on the bunker, and I hit that, make the shot on the lip. After that, hit a very good shot, make it better than the next. And a lot of shots for birdie on several holes. I make the bomb on 5, and then another birdie at the 15th hole. And then on the 17, I finish with those bogeys.

I hit a solid 7 iron, 73 meters, 130 to the hole. Hit a soft 6 iron. A little bit too much behind the bunker. Then to the front. Then the shot for bogey. It just pull a little bit by my driver, and it's on the worst grass you could have from the fairway.

THE MODERATOR: Looks like you hit a good bunker shot on 18.

MIGUEL JIMENEZ: Needs a little bit more speed. Want to hit a little loose the ball. The shots run flat. Past the hole and then I did not hole the putt. That's golf, they say.

THE MODERATOR: How did the course play differently today?

MIGUEL JIMENEZ: Played differently with all the water we had yesterday and today. The course played more softly. I hit it more flat. But it's a good course.

Q. Just real quick, you put yourself in position so many times, it's just a matter of you keep doing it, you'll be fine?
MIGUEL JIMENEZ: I'm trying to. I'm human, you know. I'm going to make bogeys. I'm going to make birdies. It's the way it's coming. That moment is not on my side. They're going to have the same value. But I don't win the tournament.

And I have to go really. My flight in one hour, 40 minutes.

Q. Real quick. Your bunker play, up and down, you were really good. The last two got away from you a little bit. How tough was that bunker shot on 17?
MIGUEL JIMENEZ: It's very tough. You are feet high on the right side. With the ball with the downhill lie and hitting like that with the water on the other side, downgrade, no space on the ball. So trying to hit it good. I hit a bunker shot. Trying to hit the Ping, the flat, and it stayed up.

Nothing you can play to. And then release off the green and make the shot from there for a bogey.

It's golf.

Q. On Gene Sauers, Miguel, could you just speak a little bit about him?
MIGUEL JIMENEZ: He's playing very solid, very well. He start with the birdie on Hole No. 2, where he got -- Hole No. 2 and Hole No. 3, No. 4. Then hit in the bunker there. Hit the shots. He played his game. I played my game, and then you know it's not so different. We both play very well. Picked up my putt not working this week.

THE MODERATOR: Miguel, thank you very much. Have a safe flight back.

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