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August 15, 2016

Brad Bryant

Columbus, Ohio

Q. You shot 2 under today. Talk a little bit about what was working for you out there on the course.
BRAD BRYANT: My short game was much better today. I pitched the ball very poorly Friday -- or Thursday, very poorly on Thursday. And so I went to the chipping area and practiced and still didn't get it. And then so Saturday morning, I went to the practice area and started chipping and changed my technique and got better.

And today, it was -- I chipped the ball beautifully all day. So in a golf course like this, you're going to roll the ball off of a few greens. I hit quite a few shots very close to the hole today. So it was just, it was just all in all a pretty good day today.

Q. Maybe not the most conventional scheduling in terms of how the four rounds were played because of the weather and everything. Now that your round is done, maybe just touch a little bit on your first thoughts now that the tournament is concluded on how everything went this weekend.
BRAD BRYANT: It's not my cup of tea. I would have liked to have seen things done a little differently. But they pay me for playing, not for making decisions. So that's okay. The USGA has a longstanding tradition of doing exactly what they did. This group of guys didn't want to break with tradition. I think that there is a discussion within golf that we need to have about rules.

And after what happened with Dustin Johnson this year, after what happened yesterday, I believe that there are commonsense rules that make somewhat more sense for everyone. This was a very expensive Monday.

So there again, you know, I'm not paying for it. And I played well today so it was great to stay around. I think that all in all, they're going to end up looking like geniuses. And when you try to guess the weather, and sometimes you look like a genius and sometimes you look like a duck.

Q. And then just one quick question before I get you out of here. You've won this tournament before. Talk a little bit about what the U.S. Senior Open means to you guys.
BRAD BRYANT: Well, the U.S. Senior Open is the one event we have all year that's truly like a Major. It is the best as far as competition goes. It truly is the one tournament all year where competition drives the event, rather than corporate entertaining or name recognition or anything else.

And that's one of the reasons why the guys have this tradition about finishing 72 and playing the ball down, to preserve the competition. So I think that from a standpoint of being a winner in the U.S. Senior Open, it's the best golf tournament to win on the Champions Tour by far. It's tremendous.

And they treat you like a king when you win. So it's really a great, great thing.

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