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August 15, 2016

Loren Roberts

Columbus, Ohio

Q. First off, your thoughts on the day. It's always tough, Monday finish.
LOREN ROBERTS: It's tough. We sat around for a day and a half. So, hey, like I said, I'm just happy to be out playing golf at my age and competing. It was nice to be in the heat of it here a little bit.

I felt good. I hit the ball probably good enough. Hit a couple of bad shots, but I just didn't putt my usual putts. They might be the toughest greens I think I've ever putted on.

I mean, tough to get the speed, and, boy, there's just a lot of quick little breaks right around the holes. So they were tough putting greens.

Q. That's saying something coming from you.
LOREN ROBERTS: They were tough.

Q. Obviously, the different conditions today, throwing darts, the really, really soft greens. Did that make it more fun, more enjoyable, or would you rather have it the other way where it's a hard golf course?
LOREN ROBERTS: I'd rather have it the other way. I think you've got to think a little more when it's firm and fast. Obviously, for me, I'm 61. I don't hit it as far as a lot of these guys hit it. These 50-year-olds out here, 52-year-olds, they hit it a lot farther than I do. So I like it firm and fast.

The golf course definitely played longer for me today. Like I said, I just didn't putt good this week. Oh, well. I'm just happy that I played well.

Q. So when you're five back coming into the day, three, four back, whatever it was, what was your mindset knowing the course conditions today? Obviously, did you have a number in mind?
LOREN ROBERTS: I thought that I'd have to shoot 4 under par to have a chance. I thought they'd be -- to be honest with you, I thought the scores might be a little lower today, but they had some tough pins. I mean, they moved 11 up. It was a drivable green for at least half the guys in the field.

I just thought the scores would be a little bit lower today, but the pins were in tough spots.

Q. Still in tough spots, even with the soft greens?
LOREN ROBERTS: Right, yeah, because the rough's going to be thick, it's going to be tough. If you drove it out of the fairway, it's hard to get it near the green.

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