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August 15, 2016

Ian Woosnam

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: Next on the flash podium, Ian Woosnam, 2 under for the day, 1 under for the Championship.

Q. Tell me a little bit about your round today.
IAN WOOSNAM: I played pretty solid today. It all came down to who's got all the putts. I played solid. I just didn't hole enough putts to be in the lead. Played good enough, really pleased with my game.

Yeah, so I'm pleased for Gene. It was a bit of a tussle between them two for a while. But they let everybody in there on 17 for a little bit and 16.

So, yeah, it was exciting. Exciting for the tournament.

Q. You seemed to have a good streak going between 12 and 16, where you had the two birdies and you gave one back.
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah. Unfortunately, at No. 13, I was right in between clubs and took the longer club, and the wind must have been a little bit more strong than I thought. Just went over the back of the green.

It killed my momentum a little bit, and I dropped a shot there. But I hung in well there. As I said, I miss a shortish putt on 15 as well. Yeah, but overall, I played pretty good.

Q. Long putts seemed good today.
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, the long putting was okay, but the short ones, I just felt what was out there today, because the greens are a little bit slower, the grain on the green was taking the ball a little bit more so you have to allow a little bit more grain on the green. So the ball was swinging a bit more.

Q. What was your general thought on the course? Obviously, we had a lot of rain over the last two days.
IAN WOOSNAM: I was surprised how good it was. I couldn't believe how dry the course was, and it was very playable. They did a very good job. Congratulations to the grounds staff. Fantastic job.

Q. What was it like to wait and see how it was going to play out and if you were going to get to play a couple extra holes? What's that like?
IAN WOOSNAM: From the last two days? Today, yeah, it's difficult hanging around for a couple days enough to see what's going to happen. You're sitting around in a chair, especially we're getting a little older. You get stiff. It's tough trying to keep the momentum going. We were all pretty glad we could get out there and play today. Thanks very much, guys.

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