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August 15, 2016

Paul Goydos

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: Paul Goydos, 3 under 67, plus 1 for the Championship.

PAUL GOYDOS: Get out of the chairs and come on. Who's going to ask me questions? You're in charge of asking questions. What would you like to know, Brian?

Q. I would like to know about when you made the turn and you had your nice run there of four birdies and how that came about.
PAUL GOYDOS: I was hanging in there. I kind of missed some putts on 7, 8 and 9, a couple of birdie putts and one par putt, to kind of -- you know that the golf course, with this much rain, it's hard to hide scores. You can't -- the guys playing good are probably going to shoot under par. I would need to shoot 8 or 9 under probably to win, I was thinking.

I had a chance to shoot 2 or 3 under on that nine. Turned it. On 10, you miss -- the way golf is, you miss three of these and you make a 30-footer on 10. Golf is crazy. That's what I'm saying. Caught a bad lie on 11, didn't get it up and down, didn't par there. But at 12, I hit four good shoots, hit a good drive with a 3 wood, and happened to miss right and hit it in the bunker, got it up and down.

Then 14 and 15 were just kind of dumb luck. I hit it on the front edge and made a 40-footer up the hill out of the fringe on 14. 15, I hit a good drive, and just blocked it in the bunker and holed the bunker shot. Then I bogeyed 16, and that's kind of that evening out of golf. I hit a bad swing there and made bogey.

It was a nice day. It was beautiful out here. Glad everybody's getting in. The weather's good. But I think Scioto was a winner this week.

Q. Were you surprised how playable the course was today, considering all the rain?
PAUL GOYDOS: Obviously, as we were warming up and saw 20 guys on 15, at the end of the day, what you need to make this happen is labor. And USGA, to their credit, does a great job of -- I would imagine the whole city of Columbus chipped in people, whether superintendents and whatnot, volunteers, to make it happen. Without that -- without volunteers, golf tournaments don't happen. They just don't happen.

When we talk about all the things that golf does, the PGA Tour does for charity, that's not just the players. That's the volunteers, the fans. Without the whole community of golf, from the -- from Jordan Spieth to the volunteers, it has to all mix together to work, and the volunteers were out there working hard, and they did a fantastic job.

The golf course was imminently playable today. There were a couple of questionable casual waters, but I thought the golf course was in tremendous shape. They did a great job.

Q. The last stretch of holes, what's going to challenge the leaders the most?
PAUL GOYDOS: Obviously, 17 is going to -- you know, a guy can hit a good shot on 17. 15 and 16 are playing longer, but you can make birdies. 17, you have to suck it up and hit a good shot. To win a Major Championship, that's what you have to do.

18, you have to hit a good tee shot. You have to think your way through. I hit a 3 wood off the tee because you've got to decide. When you've got to tee up makes decisions. The best thing you can do to make Tour players make a mistake is make them make a decision. You put the tee back, everyone is bombing drivers out there, which is out west. So you have to make a decision on what you want to do, and you've got to make the right decision.

And then you just got to, again, like 17, you have to make a good swing with a long iron, and it's nice at the Major Championships, that's what you should have to do to win, make a great swing on 17 with a reasonably long middle to long iron, and make a good decision and a good swing with your second shot on 18 to win.

You don't do those two things, you're probably not going to win.

Q. Again, you talked about this last year at Del Paso. This Championship or any USGA Championship challenges you as the person, not just --
PAUL GOYDOS: Absolutely. It challenges you to make decisions. It's the -- to me, U.S. Opens are -- USGA events are a test of your intestinal fortitude. Every hole today and every day was birdied. So they were out there. But if it hadn't rained, over par was probably going to win the tournament.

So they're testing your Jeff Sluman-like intestinal fortitude. If you don't have that, eventually the -- the Masters tests something else, and the PGA tests something else, but the USGA tests your guts. You got to have guts to play out here.

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