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August 15, 2016

Rod Spittle

Columbus, Ohio

Q. Let's start with today. Any time you finish on Monday, it's rough. You're finishing at 4:30 or 5:00 on a Monday. Talk us through today and the conditions and how different it played.
ROD SPITTLE: You know the answers to all those questions. The nice part, the selfish answer, is that we get to sleep in our own bed tonight. So we weren't running and catching flights and everything like everybody else.

I mean, we've all done this long enough now. You know how lucky we were to get it done. I think everybody made the right call today. We couldn't get outside until noon time, and playing the ball down worked out just fine.

The course was a little bit shorter today, as it should have been. So, again, I'm sure everybody's breathing a sigh of relief to be able to get done, and it sure looks like there's a great finish coming.

Q. Just kind of put this week into perspective.
ROD SPITTLE: It's been a pretty cool week, right from the start. It's probably an understatement because we battled pretty hard just to get here, of course.

As everybody knows, John and Joey and I got to play the first two days together, which was very cool. Again, I tip my hat to the USGA for doing that. I sound a little bit like a broken record, but we all came here as kids, just about 40 years ago. I graduated in '78. And we left as pretty good players.

Obviously, they kept going, and everybody's been able to watch them for so long. And obviously, we kind of got here on a little bit different path. We all show up at the 1st tee being dads and grandfathers, and both guys had their sons caddieing for them.

So I mean, it just doesn't get any better than that, and it's just so much fun to see so many people who I hadn't seen in so long.

And as everybody in Columbus knows, it's just one big family. So it's very, very cool to be a part of it, no doubt about it.

Q. Coolest week. Go Bucks walking around.
ROD SPITTLE: Without a doubt. That's why we were able to sneak the hat in for four days. So, again, it was just -- it was everything we had hoped it would be. How about that. So just very, very cool.

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