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August 15, 2016

Michael Allen

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: Michael Allen shot a 2 under, 68 today and is even for the Championship.

Q. Eagle at 11.
MICHAEL ALLEN: Oh, I hit a great driver. It was 268 to the front and back like 32 or something like that. It was just a perfect driver for me. I hit it to about eight, ten feet to the left and knocked it in. And first kind of good putt I'd hit all day. I really hadn't putted really well.

Q. When that went in the hole, were you saying, hey, I got a chance here?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, definitely, because at that point there were only two guys under par, I think they were 2 and 3. Then I hit two great shots on 11 and -- or 12. And just off the green in that rough against me, I hit a bad chip and kind of lost the momentum. I felt like really, that's what me and Pete were talking about on 18. If I could have made that, at least got it up and down, I had a good chance to kind of get going. I kind of lost momentum.

A couple holes, I just kind of lost myself, and it was over.

Q. I know you had to wait a long time, but was it fun today, once you finally got out there?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, it's always fun. It's always fun competing in the Open, and this is always great. It was a long time. I mean, I would have felt a lot better playing tomorrow. I kind of struggled. I actually hit the ball great all the front nine, but I kind of felt like I was struggling with my body and everything wasn't quite working.

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