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August 15, 2016

Tom Watson

Columbus, Ohio

Q. Your thoughts on today, Monday finish and the conditions the way they were, how drastically different it was from the first three rounds.
TOM WATSON: I'm very happy we got it in because it didn't look very good, the weather this morning. It looked pretty nasty and rainy. But fortunately, it moved north of us, and we had a chance to play.

The course is in wonderful shape. Yeah, the golf course is soft and played longer from the standpoint of no roll on the fairways, but they moved a few of the tees up. So it played well. It played easy for this golf course because of the softness of the greens. You could really attack the flags today.

Q. Is that something you've said much in a USGA event, that it played easy?
TOM WATSON: Well, it did. Comparatively, compared to the way it played earlier in the week, sure. Any time you have soft conditions, I don't care how tough the golf course is, from Augusta National to any U.S. Open course, if you get a lot of rain, the greens are soft, you're going to shoot low scores wherever you are.

Q. Like throwing darts and playing real defensive?
TOM WATSON: No, offensive, not defensive.

Q. More like throwing darts than playing defensive earlier in the week.

Q. The last thing is playing a foursome in a USGA event, is that weird to you? Have you ever done that before? Was it odd today?
TOM WATSON: No, it wasn't odd. We played fast. We didn't have to wait a shot because there were four, but everybody in the group played fast. We had a good time out there. We played 25 minutes faster than we did --

Q. With threesomes.
TOM WATSON: -- on Saturday with threesomes. How about that?

Q. Good thing. Thank you.
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