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August 15, 2016

Joey Sindelar

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: Joey Sindelar, 1 under, 69 today. 1 over for the Championship.

Q. Got to be pleased about coming back after the third round, 77.
JOEY SINDELAR: Yeah, I was. I am. It was a hard day. I would say anything under 73 or 74 would have been respectable. I just tossed away a couple more than I should have. That lousy 13th hole, it's not the one you think of double bogeying a couple days in a row. I'll have to come back sometime and play that hole and get back at it somehow.

But it was very fun. I'm so -- as a quasi-representative of the area, although I'm not claiming to be Jack or John Cook or any of those people, but Rod and I are very proud of everything that goes on here.

What a magnificent event. I mean, under perfect conditions, it was spectacular. Then under horrible conditions, it was just as good. So fun to see friends and the city come out, support it. Great stuff. Thrilled me to death to be here and very thankful.

Q. You mentioned that 13th hole. What was the challenge the last two days for you?
JOEY SINDELAR: Yesterday, I just got in the left rough and tried to chop it up in front of the green. I did, just in the deeper rough. Then kind of skulled my chip over the green, and then you're dead. That was easy math. That was a double.

Today, I hit my probably one bad drive today just in the right fairway bunker. I just had one of those mounds in my way, and I tried to cut it around it, and I thinned it a little bit, and it hit the mound and went in the fairway, which is still not a big deal. But then it was a little wet, and I caught a flyer with my wedge, and it went over the green, and again, you're dead. Seemed to be my problem child for the week over there.

Three doubles for the week. I know everybody probably had one, maybe not. You look back, and you realize everything bumps off of everything else. You can't do the math like this, but if those three doubles were just three bogeys, which is what we're trying to do, minimize the problems, all of a sudden it's a really good week instead of a pretty good week. So what the heck.

Q. Do you feel the next couple days, weeks, you'll be thinking about hole 13 when you're going to sleep?
JOEY SINDELAR: I'm a very big subscriber that -- a lot of people will say, well, jeepers, you doubled 13, but then you birdied four of the last five. Just think if you didn't double. I'm a big believer that you birdied four of the last five because you did double it.

It's just like basketball games. You can't just go back and say if you made your free throws. I suppose in a simple way you could say that, but the magic is different than that, the way it adds up.

So no, I won't. I'm happy. As I think I said here the other day, I did way too many years of analyzing and being angry, and 30 years down the line, I can say I gave it my best smack, and a couple of them weren't good enough.

Q. Are you happy for the club and the membership that they were able to get it in?
JOEY SINDELAR: Yeah, and I tried to touch on that just a little bit. The hard part of our job was coming here and have to wait for the whistle to blow a long time. The hard part for everybody else was working while we were sitting around waiting for the whistle to blow.

How many times did they deal with the bunkers? I'm sure, in squeegeeing the fairways and even the roughs, and the course stood up just beautifully. There are not only a lot of courses that wouldn't have, there are a lot of great courses that wouldn't have.

This is just -- the care, the prep that went into this place for years and for the couple years in advance of this event clearly, they got it right, and it handled the weather. It was a great event.

Q. It was 30 years between championships for them. I don't think they should wait 30 more, but I would like to hear your thoughts.
JOEY SINDELAR: Better not. I wish our Tour -- well, I'm not sure the members want to give up this place that many times. They'd be nuts if they did. I would like to beg our Tour to try to get back here like twice a year. This is a great place. It's magnificent. It was a big thrill. Thank you.

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