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August 15, 2016

Tom Lehman

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: Tom Lehman shot a 66 today and is 3 over for the Championship.

Q. Describe today. Does it feel like you're back in the U.S. Open?
TOM LEHMAN: It definitely feels like a U.S. Open this week with the way the course was playing. Very, very windy the first afternoon. It was tough. Breezy the second day, real windy the third day. If you missed fairways or greens, it was really a struggle to make a par.

Obviously, these soft conditions today have changed everything. I would expect that there would be quite a few good scores today, but it's really quite a good golf course.

A great Championship. The first few days did feel like a step back in time, firm greens, firm fairways. I think mostly the fairways. With the fairways bouncing around, that's really what challenges everyone the very, very most, putting it the fairway becomes so difficult. Only if you put it in the fairway can you score. So straight driving is not often enough a part of the equation in modern golf, and this week it certainly is.

Q. Tell us about the eagle at 12.
TOM LEHMAN: They moved us to 4 with the tee, and I think that was a real smart thing, avoid the slop down below. I hit a very good drive. I had a big gob of mud on my ball on the right side, so I aimed it way right, knowing it's gong to go left, and it hooked. Just huge amount of hook, I mean, high, towering hooking rescue that ended up just left of the pin, just to the edge of the rough. It was only 15 feet from the hole and chipped it in the hole.

So it was, I thought, a well deserved 3 after having to deal with that glob of mud on the ball.

Q. Talk about the conditions, having a day off before this. Did that have any impact? Did you feel any different after three holes?
TOM LEHMAN: I personally was -- I probably do better on a day like today than a day like yesterday, where I got out here early. We were the second group off, got out here at 8:30 or something and was waiting around all day long. And then it would have been more difficult to play at 3:30 than it was to play today at 11:30. So I thought that actually worked -- for me personally, I liked it better this way.

Q. So you touched on this a little bit, but just the biggest difference in the course.
TOM LEHMAN: Just so soft. The fairways, effectively, are way wider. The greens had no fire whatsoever. They were the perfect speed, I thought, for making putts. They were holding. Difficulty was, if you miss the fairway, the rough was heavier.

But overall, the course, I thought, was just fine. I only had one casual water drop all day long. It drained pretty well.

Q. As the leaders come down the stretch and they're all bunched up, what do you think the challenges will be in the last couple holes?
TOM LEHMAN: They're driver holes today whereas the last couple days, they were 3 woods, like 3 woods on 15, even a rescue on 16. 17 is a tricky little pin. You just kind of put it in the middle of the green and two-putt, you'll be very happy.

So even though it is playing easier, it's still definitely not a give-away. The 13th hole all the way to the finish is a good stretch of holes, and you've got to get good shots.

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