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August 15, 2016

Miriam Nagl

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Q. Did you watch Adilson last week starting off the competition?
MIRIAM NAGL: No, actually I did not watch him. I came out later on to watch him. But I've been watching some on TV and obviously was out here‑‑ yesterday I wasn't out here, but the day before. He must have been feeling I guess everything you can feel probably: Nervous, proud, honoured.

Q. He said he was very honoured. He said, what have I done? I said, well, you've done a lot for Brazil and golf, and obviously you and Victoria are in the field, as well. How do you view this honor of hitting first?
MIRIAM NAGL: I actually am hearing this right now for the first time. So very happy that I can‑‑ it's actually overcoming a little bit right now. Because I was obviously born here and lived here till I was ten, so this is very special.

Q. You're playing with Leona Maguire, and Kelly Tan, that's the first group off?
MIRIAM NAGL: I actually don't know either one of them. I know Kelly Tan from the U.S. Open qualifier, we both qualified in Boston. So I guess I think everyone is playing well. So I'm hoping it will be a good group.

Q. You've spent a lot of time around the world. Is it Germany you live in?
MIRIAM NAGL: Yeah, I live close to Berlin. Yeah, I lived 12 years in the United States and obviously ten, eight years in Brazil.

Q. But this is still home, is it?
MIRIAM NAGL: Yeah, yeah, sure it is, where you're born.

Q. Are you from Rio?
MIRIAM NAGL: From Curitiba. It's about 800 kilometres south, the very southern state of Brazil. I was there just before I came here and I spent a few days back home where I was born. It's just so great. My little daughter is here. She's 1 1/2, my parents, my brother. It's just fantastic.

Q. Do you still have a lot of family?
MIRIAM NAGL: My family has always been German but my dad was working here for ten years, so I was born here after two years. Obviously just have a lot of friends from back then.

Q. And did you watch the men's competition?
MIRIAM NAGL: I did, yeah.

Q. What were your thoughts?
MIRIAM NAGL: What were my thoughts? You know, standing on one of the tees, and I saw, who was it teeing off, I think it was Rickie Fowler and I saw the Olympic rings next to his foot and I thought, how incredible is this that we get to tee off in the Olympic Games.
So it's just great and so good that all these people came out to watch and that it was such a successful event. I think it's fantastic for the game of golf.

Q. The Brazilians have been great coming out to play in the fan zone, which is something you really want to see. You want people to get an understanding of how exciting it can be. Because golf doesn't always look exciting, as we know, but when it's played at the right level‑‑ do you hope then they will come back and all the nations will support?
MIRIAM NAGL: Yeah, I hope it will be just as big for us, for the women.
Yeah, I think they are kind of getting the point that it's beautiful to be outside and beautiful piece of land, obviously sun shining today, but hopefully they will support the sport and just have a good day when they come out.

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