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August 14, 2016

Charlie Danielson

Silvis, Illinois

Q. How was it this week, playing close to home and everything?
CHARLIE DANIELSON: It was definitely a special week, one that I'll always remember. I can't thank John Deere Classic and Mr. Peterson enough for the opportunity. I had a great time out there. It's been awhile since I've had that much fun on the golf course, family, friends, alumni out here. So all in all, it was a good week, a good week of golf. So I'm very happy.

Q. Good learning week for you, especially with all the different delays and everything, how to adjust to all this stuff out here?
CHARLIE DANIELSON: Yeah, definitely. I learned so much this week. I learn every week but to be able to play all four days out here against some of the best players in the world -- it's unique. And to play a golf course like this with the weather like this, you could take many things away from this, so many positives, some things that I could do better. So I'll definitely look back on this tournament.

Q. What's the rest of your schedule like?
CHARLIE DANIELSON: I'll hopefully take next week off and hopefully get into Portland for the Web.com reshuffle. After that, maybe a tournament or two in Canada, maybe a tournament or two in Europe, just staying fresh before Q-School.

Q. Do you have any more PGA TOUR exemptions?
CHARLIE DANIELSON: No, just Barracuda and this were my only two.

Q. So what do you think long term, as you start to play in these events, that you'll take with you from here?
CHARLIE DANIELSON: Yeah, I mean, I can't imagine a better-run tournament, a more fun tournament. And for it to be in the Midwest, so close to home, with all the support, it was a special week.

You know, just knowing that I can compete out here; I played holes 7, 8 and 9 probably 8-over par. Maybe even more. And you know, I make pars on those holes, and I'm in the tournament. So there are a lot of things, but you know, I'm very happy with how I played. It was a good week.

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