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August 14, 2016

Justin Rose

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Q. Justin Rose, Olympic Champion, Gold Medalist, how does that sound?
JUSTIN ROSE: It sounds absolutely incredible. I was on that last green, just sort of pinching myself and taking myself back to the quote that I had given about the Olympics all along: I hope my resumé one day read: Multiple Major Champion, but let's just call it Major Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, I'd be a very, very happy man. I pretty much just need the multiple now, but for the most part, I'm there on that quote.
It feels absolutely incredible. The whole week, I've been‑‑ I've been so focused, really, to be honest with you. I've been so into it. I've been so up for it. I've been just so determined, I suppose, to represent Team GB as best as I could, and it was just the most magical week, it really was.

Q. It was another Duel in the Sun, wasn't it, between you and Henrik. He didn't give an inch.
JUSTIN ROSE: I just said today that I had to out‑Stenson Stenson. I knew I wasn't going to get much from him at all. Obviously the bogey at the last only came because he had to force the putt in.
But he is unbelievable. He's relentless and a great player, and I can't wait to be on the same team as him in The Ryder Cup. He's a great player and he's a great friend, and I just gave him a hug on the 18th green, he's as gracious as ever.
I just said to him, "Great summer," winning The Open Championship, I was so pleased for him. There's a lot of players, majors come and go, guys win them. But almost when you're a professional golfer, very few guys are you really genuinely, genuinely happy for, and Henrik is one of them.

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