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August 13, 2016

Steve Stricker

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Talk about the little run you had to make at the end of the first round just to be here for the second run.
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, you know, the course played tough this morning. We had that north wind and it was blowing pretty good. It was really wet. It played a lot different than what we're accustomed to seeing. It was tough to get the ball close to the hole, to control your ball and your flight and your distance with the wet fairways. It was a challenge today, and made a couple good birdies coming in, hit a good shot in there at 16, and three good shots at 17, which 17 was playing long and into the wind, back hole location. It was tough to get it back there. I played some good holes coming in.

Q. Did it get back to normal a little bit in the afternoon?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it's a little bit back to normal. The wind died down this afternoon towards the end. It's still really wet out there, but you could put up a good number today. I'm sure there are a couple good ones out there. So the course is still in great shape. It's just wet. You've got to fly it all the way to the hole, which makes things difficult at times.

Q. You and Charlie are playing well here, Mike makes the cut at the U.S. Senior Open, Tom is playing well at the Olympics. What does it say about Illinois golf?
STEVE STRICKER: It says a lot. It says a lot about what Mike has been doing down there and the type of program that he's built, the type of guy that he is. I've talked to all of his players, and they all say such good things about him and what kind of program he's running down there. That's really cool to hear, and he's producing some great players. Thomas Pieters, Charlie -- who just won the Western Am?

Q. Dylan Meyer.
STEVE STRICKER: Dylan Meyer. Detry is playing over somewhere, and he's playing good. They're all playing great. He instills a lot of confidence in these guys. He must because they come right out of college and play great.

Q. Did you have anything to do with recruiting Charlie at all?
STEVE STRICKER: No, no. I met Charlie at one of the Wisconsin State Opens when he was maybe even a junior and met him for the first time and talked to him. But just a great kid, great family, and a tremendous player. He bombs it. Got the opportunity to play with him a couple times. It's scary how long and straight. He's going to be good.

Q. This is about the third time in four or five years that the Deere has fallen on the same weekend as the U.S. Senior Open. What happens if they're on the same weekend going forward in the next year or two? Does that leave you with a tough decision?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it will leave me with a tough decision. I guess it depends how I'm playing at the time. This place is special to me, and I'll probably try to come back as much as I can even after I turn 50. But we'll just wait and see how it goes.

Yeah, if I have the opportunity to come here and play, odds are I probably will.

Q. It must have been a grind for you today; how did you kind of keep it going into the third round and put up a decent score?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it was hard. I mean, any time -- we're not used to playing 36, and I'm old, so it's even harder. You know, I held up all right. I hit a couple loose shots here and there on the second 18, but overall if I could have made some putts, it should have been about a 5-under round, 5- or 6-under round, but just having a hard time getting it in the hole.

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