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August 13, 2016

Padraig Harrington

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Q. You have a little shout tomorrow, haven't you?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Well, depends on how the leaders finish. Obviously there's a few birdies coming home. Going out there today, you're trying to shoot 8‑under par or something like that to catch up. Obviously it got windy and reasonably blustery. Fabulous conditions for me. I'd like to play golf in these conditions every day.
Nobody likes playing in the rain like yesterday, but when it's a nice breeze like that today, and warm weather, you can really work the golf ball. So it was fun playing out there.
Again, I really rue 10 and 11 as missed opportunities. I could have made up three shots there and would have had a bumper day then, but it is what it is. I've left myself in a situation that to be honest, everything has to go for me tomorrow and fall into place. But I've been trying to stay patient. I'm going to wait and be patient, and you know, hopefully tomorrow is the day.

Q. It's not a case of just winning one thing; it's winning three things. That's the whole business, isn't it?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, look, we're all trying to win the gold. Second and third are great when you get them, but we're all trying to win the gold, no doubt about it.
As I said before, every week, 156 guys tee it up, you have one winner, 155 losers. This week, 60 guys have teed it up and we're all Olympians, we're all winners. Everybody will walk away from this feeling like they have achieved something this week.

Q. Did you sense there might be a part tomorrow sometime during the round where you're thinking, all right, I can't win the gold, but I could win a medal.
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Clearly depends on what way the leaderboard breaks. But if I was lying 60th at this event, I'd be trying my hardest on every shot tomorrow. If the best I can finish tomorrow is 10th, I'll be trying hard to finish 10th. That's my nature. So it's not a question of thinking there's a different tournament. There's one tournament, play your best, and see where you finish.

Q. What can you say about the course?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: The course is fantastic. Just a tremendous golf course. Just really interesting, all three days the golf course has changed conditions. It's exactly the sort of golf course we like playing on the gives you plenty of opportunities. Puts you under pressure in a few places, and as I said, it's interesting. It changes up every day.

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