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August 13, 2016

Joey Sindelar

Columbus, Ohio

Q. Tough day, and yet you just keep doing your thing.
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, you know, I had my 30 years of getting real ugly about this stuff, you know. Golf's hard. U.S. Open's harder. And I thought for the most part I was pretty happy with the way I played.

It wasn't horrible. Just a couple of uglies, and it played hard out there.

Q. Was it the wind that made it so treacherous?
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, the wind complicates everything because then it's harder to hit the fairways. Then you have to protect -- even if you're in the fairway, protect a little more going into the greens because you don't want to short-side.

Even these greens have not been fast. I saw Jamie play a college tournament here. They were so fast you couldn't even breathe. They're nowhere near that, but they were getting fast enough in that kind of wind, you had to pay attention to the wind on your putts.

So when the wind gets over 12 or 15 in U.S. Open conditions, it matters. And less than 15, it can be useful because you're playing shots, can stop the ball for you. But it starts getting over 15, and it's tough in both directions, any direction.

Q. Because of the ebb and flow, you're still obviously in the fight.

Q. Anything can happen?
JOEY SINDELAR: Stranger things have happened, sure. If everything works out right, I'll be on the 1st tee tomorrow and glad to be here. Look, I don't mean to sound all jolly about it. I'm disappointed with the score. But I'm doing -- most of the shots were square and didn't putt quite as good. But didn't have any momentum.

When you're not doing good things and the energy kind of isn't as good. So you just do your best and eat something good and show up tomorrow.

Q. Funny day because you birdied 1.

Q. Maybe you're thinking it is your day?
JOEY SINDELAR: Oh, my gosh, yeah, birdied 1, couldn't have played No. 2 any better. 2 is a tough tee shot. Hit a beauty and just had a wedge in.

But the little things, missing the fairway on 3 with an iron. Even so, I got on the green in three. It was just stuff. It was just stuff. Maybe that rebalanced a little bit of what I got away with the first couple of days, and maybe I'm right where I should have been in the end, but we'll come out swinging tomorrow.

Problem is, we've got a pretty good guy out there in the lead and a couple more really good ones right behind him.

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