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August 13, 2016

Chip Lutz

Columbus, Ohio

Q. So walking through the day, how was it today? What was working for you, what wasn't?
CHIP LUTZ: I played relatively well. I didn't strike it quite as good. So I had a few challenges today, but I managed to save par on a few occasions, including No. 8, which was one of my last holes.

9 really caught me off guard. I thought I hit a great shot, and the wind just knocked that right down. So it's really tough with the wind conditions. It seemed it was mostly either with us or into us today, the way the holes are laid out. We didn't get too much of a cross-wind.

Sometimes the downwind shots are just as hard as the into the wind because you don't know if it will get knocked down or ride the wind and take off.

But I was pleased with 74. You always want to do better, and you know there's always more that you always feel you could do better, but I was pleased with that for my game today.

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