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August 13, 2016

Tom Watson

Columbus, Ohio

TOM WATSON: The wind was blowing, and they didn't set the tees in the right places for the wind. They should have played a little bit shorter -- for old folks. Maybe the kids could play it from back there, but old guys like me can't play it from back there.

Q. Overall the experience, you said you hadn't played here since the '60s, wasn't it?
TOM WATSON: Yes. This is a wonderful golf course. It really is a terrific test. The greens aren't too hard. They're receptive. You can hold the shots, and the fairways are pretty generous. You can drive the ball to the fairway. But the rough is bad, and the wind, obviously, threw a monkey wrench in everybody's plans today.

Q. Overnight rain might soften it up, at least for the last --
TOM WATSON: Well, that's not the important thing. The important thing is to put the tees to concur with the wind. Played all the back tees into the wind holes today, where yesterday into the wind, they played forward tees where the golf course is playable. They have their reasons.

Q. Extra tough today?
TOM WATSON: Yes, it was.

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